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Women In Uniform – US Air Force Veteran Megan Huseby

Courtesy of Megan Huseby/IG

EDITOR’S NOTE: MuscleSport Media wants to acknowledge the lovely ladies who are either active or retired members of the military, police department,  fire department,  first responders, etc. worldwide with their own bio articles. If you want to be a part of our “Women In Uniform” series or know someone who should be, please send an email to


My name is Megan Huseby, I am 28 years old and originally from northern Minnesota. I recently separated from active duty Air Force where I was an F-15 Aircraft Mechanic. I was stationed overseas for the majority of my seven-year enlistment, so being on the move and traveling has become a huge part of my life.


I love to see and experience new things. I have collected tattoos from all over the world and plan to collect many more. I loved being a part of the maintenance world because working with my hands, fixing things and being challenged is something I have always loved. Being one of few girls in that world was also an awesome experience. Proving women can show up and make moves just as well as men is an amazing movement to be a part of. I have always had that mindset, even before the military, especially when it came to lifting weights. I always wanted to prove that woman can lift heavy, be strong and still be sexy as hell doing it.



Fitness has been a huge part of who I am for most of my life. I started learning about and strength training in high school and fell in love with it. I loved seeing the changes in myself and others. Seeing yourself get stronger is such a confidence boost that I don’t think you can get from anything else.


Not only is it a physical confidence boost, but a mental one, as well. There is nothing that can fix a bad day like killing a lift or workout in the gym. My go-to workouts usually consists mostly of strength training; that is where I have always seen the most benefits. I have never been a huge cardio fan, but if I do it, it’s a short warm-up or 15 minutes of HIIT sprints here and there. I used to have a set schedule of when I would work out, but being on the road so much makes me fit it in when and where I can.



I recently earned my personal training certification and am working on my fitness nutrition certification and an exercise science degree, as well. In the future, I would love to compete in some bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions. I love helping others and hope to use my certifications to teach others about the benefits of strength training and living an overall healthier lifestyle.


It’s hard today as a female trying to fit into the standards of how social media portrays looking good and feeling sexy. I see a lot of woman focusing on cardio and starving themselves because they think that’s what’s going to make them look like the girls on social media. I hope to help woman move away from the stigma that strength training will make you manly or too bulky, because I have heard that way too many times and it’s just not the case. I am a huge advocate for doing what makes you feel good and confident, and for me lifting weights has always been my go-to. Comparing yourself or your journey to someone else will never get you where you want to be. Focus on being a better version of yourself and that’s where the magic happens!





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