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Helle Trevino To Participate in the Rescheduled Olympia

Bill Dobbins

With COVID-19 changing the rhythm of the entire world, every major or smaller event has been canceled or postponed until further notice in order to prevent any further spread of the highly contagious virus. And bodybuilding competitions were no exception to that. And while some industries suffered major economic losses due to the lockdown regime, others, specifically online businesses, have used this time to blossom. And due to the right utilization of this period online entertainment has become a number one source of fun and excitement for the millions of people stuck at home. And the fans of bodybuilding were among them as well.


During the past couple of months, sites that offer online sports streaming, virtual tourism, online gambling, and gaming have skyrocketed. This is because while offering a great way to spend time, things like roulette casino live also provide a way for family and friends to bond and spend some time together while engaging in an exciting activity. The same goes for e-sports as well. But now that the world has slowly started to reopen different venues, like restaurants, shopping centers, and Las Vegas casinos, sports competitions are starting to come back, with new regulations, of course.


And on May 11, the organizers of the Olympia, the world’s biggest bodybuilding competition have announced that the event has been rescheduled and will be hosted in a different venue on December 16th through 20th. The Joe Weider Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend will still take place in Las Vegas but at Planet Hollywood instead of the Orleans Arena. And in spite of all the complications Jake Wood and Solomon have faced, they still expect this event to be a success.


And as the highly anticipated event approaches, fans are especially excited to see the return of Helle Trevino the favorite to win, who has already revealed how her training is going and hat she expects before the reopening of this major event. The bodybuilding is the 2019 Rising Phoenix champion which is the second biggest bodybuilding event after Olympia. And this is the biggest reason for the amount of hype she has received about her participation in the upcoming event.


In a recent interview with FitnessVolt, the bodybuilder discussed her feelings towards the championship: “I was sitting right there in the front row at the Olympia when it was announced. It was absolutely amazing. I had the Wings of Strength crew sitting around me. Alina Popa was sitting next to me screaming with her hands over her head, I heard Lenda Murray yelling, and Jake Wood was on my right side being ecstatic. It was a great moment that I’ll never forget. Bob Ciccerello, who was the MC, announced me to the public and had me stand up for a round of applause as the current World Champion. I was just filled with joy and gratitude. I have this feeling now that ‘things are finally right.’ It wasn’t fair to take the division out of a big show like the Olympia. Women’s bodybuilding isn’t the NFL but we definitely have our fans and we’re popular within the fitness industry. We do have a justified place in any bodybuilding show.”


So it’s safe to say that Hella is doing her best to make sure she is in the best shape for the competition. She has already enlisted the help of Luca Pennazzato, who has been working with her to improve her physique. Not only that, but she says that she spent the off-season doing training, so you can expect a bigger, more jacked physique come the biggest bodybuilding competition in the world.

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