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Marc Lobliner Challenges Chris Cuomo – Fake Weights?

Marc Lobliner, Chris Cuomo/IG

Challenge laid out and it’s your move, Chris Cuomo. Marc Lobliner from Tiger Fitness posted a video on Twitter casting serious doubt on the controversial CNN host’s ability to perform overhead triceps (or French) with a 100-pound dumbbell – something that the cable ‘news’ network has shown frequently. In fact, the younger brother of New York State governor Andrew Cuomo made the feat appear pedestrian in nature, seated and typing on his computer with the other hand while doing reps.


Lobliner demonstrated himself with a 50 and 80-pound dumbbell overhead and made an attempt with 100 pounds; he was unable to even get it in the start position and the NABBA pro bodybuilder is known for lifting impressive weight.



“I’m confident those are fake dumbbells,” said Lobliner. “And I’m also willing to bet Chris Cuomo $1,000 that he can’t sit at a desk holding a 100-pound dumbbell typing.”


Cuomo, 50, who has been nicknamed “Fredo” after the character in “The Godfather,” is in excellent shape and obviously works out on a regular basis. But the nonchalant style with the heavy dumbbell casts doubt on the veracity of the feat.



“You can tell something about a person’s character when they lie,” continued Lobliner. “If you lie about that, how are you going to be credible on the news? Your fans, and people who follow you who don’t know lifting, don’t know how disrespectful this is to the lifting community and how fake this. They think you’re that strong.”


The 39-year-old Lobliner is making it easy for Cuomo and offered to meet him at the location of his choice.


“I challenge you, Chris Cuomo, to a lift-off. I’ll come to wherever you are, show you the big bad bodybuilder on CNN — come up against a real man!” he concluded.


If “Mr. Fake News” accepts Lobliner’s challenge, then we have already offered Lobliner – who is a contributing writer for MuscleSport Magazine – that we will gladly be there to cover the event.




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