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Gerard Richardson

Disclaimer:  Due to the rise in cost, Dirty Deeds will no longer be Done Dirt Cheap.


Every once in a while, I get the dude who has the need to show me his dick picture. Some are upfront that they want to show me the heat that they are packing right away. While I can say, “Thank you for wanting to share. However I will politely decline the invitation,” many still feel the need to send it. I don’t get if it’s the urge but let me be frank – I really don’t want to fucking see your beans and frank.



I love meat as much as the dickatarian. (Dickatarian definition: A person who appreciates dick.) However, I love having it lead to the imagination. For example, I do this with my photos that get released. I don’t want you to see me naked; I want your imagination to take over. I want you to wonder if my nipples are huge, what tone of pink they are, etc. I want you to keep coming back for more. I think many men should do the same. If I had a nickel for every crotch shot a guy sent me, I would be able to create a menu of cock sausage full of illustrations (patent pending). I want to wonder if you have a good looking penis, if you take the time to groom (I hope some maintenance happens), if you are swole like your other muscles.


I do believe in feasting with your eyes. There has to be more to it. It has to be the sexual feeling and lust for me to want to see your D. I’ve had men send pictures where there is excess skin; it looks like an odd shaped worm, the tip looks like a fucking referee helmet (especially the hockey refs) or the balls are so enormous they make the D look non-existent. Fellas, if you are suffering from blue balls, please invest in a pleasure sleeve or purchase a Playboy mag and relief yourself before attempting to send.



Most of us ladies can say we don’t want to know what your man meat looks like. If a chick really wants to see your joystick, she will gladly ask you. Let’s face it – if we are going to see it, chances are then she’s ready to use it. Put it where the sun shines. Stuff the turkey. Sausage to her taco. 


Some things to bear in mind. If you send her a dick pic that isn’t you and she finds out, man oh man, she will embarrass you. If you are a  married man, don’t think about sending it to a woman you may think is random. She can fuck shit up by sending it to your woman. Think twice before sending your dick pic. 



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Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38


HEIGHT: 5’9″

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