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Keeping It Clean or Letting Your Bush Grow Like a Chia Pet?

Gerard Richardson

Carpet Matching the Drapes 


In the 70’s if you had a trendy do, chances are your hair below the equator matched those above the equator. Now, I’m not a hater of pubic hair or a lover; I’m relatively neutral about how individuals chose to maintain their intimate and sensitive parts. Whether you go bald, leave a trail, choose to have them search through a jungle, or have them get lost in the Bermuda Triangle. So I looked up some trends for your va-jay jay and why us ladies choose to have some maintenance to the test.



Truth About Shaving


Shaving is probably the most convenient to do for yourself when it comes to trimming your bush. No appointment necessary and you don’t have to dish out lots of cash to buy your supplies. Just hop in the shower and let the hair soften and let your pores open a bit. Once you are ready, add shaving cream and lather or for cost effect , you can use a soft soap or conditioner. This is best for keeping the bikini hair at bay. However, my sexy readers, if you are looking to bald your eagle, please take your time and don’t go hacking at it – especially near tender areas. Razor burn and cuts are not fun in our already-sensitive areas. Also keep an eye out for any ingrown hairs; they can be a real asshole to try to get out.




Waxing: What They Don’t Really Tell Ya


When waxing, your hairs need to be on a medium level.  Not so long that you can braid them, but they can’t be so short, you need a magnifying glass to see them. Waxing or sugaring can become costly. Going a little more to your bikini line or removing it all means no sex until 24 hours pass. Not only are you pulling the hair, you are pulling the root with it. It is painful. However the smoothness can last for a while before your next appointment. If waxing at home, be sure to test the product on a small patch of skin and look for any irritation.



Hair Removal Cream


When applying this cream, be careful not to get it on any clothing or in your hair as it does work quickly. Test the product on a small patch to make sure you have no allergens or irritants. Wait for the allotted time and remove it with the sponge or utensil. Make sure you rinse off your skin and wash your hands. It can leave your skin smooth for up to three days.




Now ‘bare’ with me here. I believe all ladies bodies are beautiful and don’t need to be modified. This last trend was fun to research, but getting rhinestones attached was not as fun as one would think. Diamonds may be  a girl’s best friend, however, you don’t have to decorate your southern region with rhinestones. I mean your partner may enjoy you more without worrying if the little jewels will become a choking hazard.



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