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How to Use SARMS and Peptides in Bodybuilding

If you are looking to get into bodybuilding, you might find yourself looking at compounds and supplements that can help you achieve your goals. You will likely come across anabolic steroids and their side effects rather quickly. Once you learn about these side effects, you will want to stay away from them and end up right where you started. If you decide to find alternatives, you will come across SARMs. These are compounds that stimulate anabolic activity inside the body. SARMs, through their anabolic activity, can help you lose fat and gain muscles fast. But how do bodybuilders use them?

Reducing Inflammation

Bodybuilders can become sore after a workout. This soreness is often because of slight inflammation within the muscles that were stressed during a workout. Peptides have been shown to aid in reducing this inflammation and in this way help in reducing soreness for a faster recovery.

For best results, peptides should be used with 10-15mg of SARMs after exercise to be most effective.

Muscle Building

SARMs can be used for building muscle. The common dosage is 10 to 50mg, twice per day for the best results. SARMs give you increased stamina for longer and much more intense workouts. Both of these are very important when trying to build muscle and achieve your bodybuilding goals. A good example of a SARMs supplement that can help you achieve both of these and much more is this Cardarine SARM from Paradigm Peptides. As research (found at the link) shows, this SARM has the potential to help with obesity, the brain and muscle gain.

Peptides are also used in building muscle because they are small chains of amino acids, themselves the building blocks of proteins. Peptides also have an anabolic effect on muscles like testosterone and SARMs do.


It is very important to ensure your body heals after every exercise session or after any exercise-related injuries. Using a combination of different SARMs and peptides can help you do this. For example, Cardarine has already shown promising results in the recovery of muscle tissues after strenuous exercise. Peptides, being the building blocks of proteins, can help you regain the protein broken down during exercise, thereby giving your body the protein it needs to repair itself.


Stacking is the practice of using more than one supplement for their combined effects. By their very nature, different SARMs and peptides have different effects. For example, some SARMs will help you cut fat while others will increase your muscle strength or improve muscle growth. Since you want all these effects, or maybe even more, bodybuilders will usually use more than one SARM. It is common to see bodybuilders use Ibutamoren, for its ability to prevent muscle wasting during down periods and accelerate wound healing, stacked with Cardarine, for its ability to protect the blood vessels and the heart during intense workouts.

Different SARMs and peptides produce different results when used as part of a bodybuilding regime. Every bodybuilder uses these supplements differently but, in many cases, they use them to gain muscle, recover from exercise, and for their additive effects when used together.

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