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This motherfucking coronavirus has been causing havoc on sex lives. Many of my readers have been asking for recommendations that have been sparse to come across. While many had the pre-stress of getting intimate, many are no longer wanting to just have sex in their bedroom. Most are wanting to venture out and try a new setting. 


The Couch


Sometimes you don’t have to venture too far and the couch is a great place to start. If you aren’t the outdoors type or you don’t feel like spending money, you can build a fort. Add bedsheets and a few extra cushions for the pushing. 



The Car 


Stick your key in the ignition and revv up that engine. If this is what it takes to get your motor running, what are you waiting for? Sometimes we need to relive the good ol’ days with a quick road trip outside the city. This can really help with reconnecting. Find a comfortable spot that is a little hidden or tucked away. Or re-visit your old making out spot. Afraid of getting in trouble can lead to excitement, too. 


The Backyard


Sometimes it’s too hot to sleep in bed and you still might want to be outside. You still have the comfort of your own home. After all is settled, you can fuck on the patio. The pool is another fun option for the two of you. Skinny dipping is a fun way to set the tone, then move into the actions and motions.



Cottage Country


The two of you ventured out and went a little further than anticipated. Even with Covid, many hotels, motels and Air B and B’s remained open for any stragglers having to travel. Sometimes you still want to get away while hiding from the city. Being secluded means more private and intimate time. You shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting and getting time in together and fucking. Sometimes fucking on the shore of a lake or ocean can really help you relieve stress. Add a romantic view of sunrise, sunset, looking up at the stars or even tanning naked.




Word to the wise – be careful of bug spray. It doesn’t taste like lube. In the lake or ocean, be careful of any wildlife or creatures that can cause harm. Always wear protection. Sunscreen. Be sure to monitor any irritants. Sex shouldn’t send you to the ER unless that’s the next location you want to fuck at.



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