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MILFS. You see, I already got your motherfucking attention! I recently have been thinking about my columns and how to make it more inclusive. I recently wrote Bust Balls, Not A Hip,” where I touched on older men and younger women. Truth is, I understand it as what I like. More current, I’m starting to realize that the younger men that might be attracted to me have been calling me “MILF” or a “cougar.” I thought to myself, “Fuck, am I getting that old?” I started to ponder and really wonder. What if I turn the tables and look into why younger men like older women and why older women love to fuck younger men.




In  fucking porn videos, older women are often the school teacher, professor, step mother or your best friend’s mom. The sexy neighbour or even the customer who lost her wallet and wants to pay the delivery guy with some hot pussy on the menu. One that I personally love is the lonely housewife who fucks the sexy pool technician and tips him for every inch of his hard cock. Society doesn’t help. For decades, it was considered more normal for men to date and marry younger women. Older men with younger women were almost like taboo. I’ve heard from couples who struggle when they go out, a waiter or patron would say, “Oh, so nice that you are having dinner with your mom.” Meanwhile, the sexy MILF is married to the younger gent. Or just plain fucking him. In Hollywood, I have to mention one of my favorite sex pot performers, Madonna. She lives for younger men. She doesn’t give a fuck if people are uncomfortable that she likes them, either.



So What Are the Benefits of Fucking Older Women – He Says


“Older women know what they want and when they want it. Chances are when I’m hard as a rock, I can touch her and she’s ready. She’s also more dominatiant. She says how it goes and calls it like she sees it. She isn’t worried about some other woman walking in when all I want is her. I want to fuck a woman. I don’t want to fuck a girl who will second guess why I’m doing what I’m doing. Or question it. If we turn each other on and have a great relationship outside and inside the bedroom, why break something just to fix it? We have our fair share of disagreement,s but no relationship is perfect.“ 




What Are the Benefits of Fucking Younger Men – That’s What She Said


“Sex with a younger man. Some days I feel like we fuck like jackrabbits. He gets hard easily. I can lower my voice to a whisper and say one word and his cock is hard. We have a healthy sex life and sometimes fuck three-to-four times a day. There’s no pills he has to take to get hard and he keeps me going. We talk about shit. Life and general stuff like most couples. We fuck more. We can keep our hands to ourselves, but we get so turned on, we can’t wait to touch each other.”



My question is “When in the fuck did I become a MILF?” That’s my thing. I was in my 20s (what feels like yesterday) and now in my 30s, I get called MILF every other day. Now these 20-something guys are starting to notice me. I know being close to my 40s means, “Holy shit, I’m almost 40.” Just like that. I think about sex all the time. I want it more. When I spoke to this couple, all I could muster was, “How the fuck do you keep up.” If I have sex twice a week, I’m dead tired. I can’t imagine multiple times a fucking day. I think he’d bust my hip or something would definitely pop out of place. All I know is I won’t have a clue and just keep asking them how much fun they are having. 


This sexy couple who opened up to me, I thank you very much. For inspiring me. Our personal lives are ours. I don’t see this couple as two people who are just a couple; I see them as soulmates. 






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Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38


HEIGHT: 5’9″

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