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Tales of a Man Eater

Courtesy of Stephanie Ferreira

She got out of his bed and walked to the window. Quietly she opened the blinds and looked out to the wet empty street. She turned and looked at him. He was still. His body felt cold. Grabbing at the white bed sheet, she covered him and kissed his cheek. He didn’t flinch. She began looking for her clothing to get dressed and quickly do her walk of shame to get out of there and checked twice that she had all her belongings. She got dressed gingerly trying to be as quiet as possible. She walked by her lover. He rustled the sheet exposing his neck; it was bruised and scratched.


The night before was sexy but never to be spoken of. She thought of how he caressed her face, brushed her hair lightly off her face at the bar. She would touch his arm and his face, making silly faces. He gave her butterflies. Then later butterfly kisses on her thighs and between her legs. When they got to his little house, he made big moves. They were naked the second he opened the back door. They kissed, grabbed and clawed at each other. They were starving for each other. He craved her and she wanted to devour him. He made her mouth water. 



He brought her into the bedroom. Neither was stoned nor drunk. They took each moment and enjoyed it. He groped her breast with one hand; the other was busy south of the border. He fingered her and made her squirt. She cupped his balls and stroked his swollen cock. She licked in between his balls, up his shaft and put his tip in her mouth. He tipped his head back in pleasure. He collected her hair and put it in a ponytail. Then he gently pulled her face towards him to kiss her. She muttered, “A little rougher please.”




He looked at her “Are you asking or telling me?”


She grinned, “Demanding!”


He threw her on the bed face down. She got on her knees and arched her back. He slid in behind her. He couldn’t last long, but she climaxed after a few deep and hard thrusts. They came instantly. Out of breath, they both just laid there.



He smiled at her. “That was fun.”


“Yes it was.” She replied, gasping for air. Her skin was on fire. Her chest turned red from her orgasm. 


She looked at his bare chest. He was fit and sexy. His chest rose and fell with every breath he took. He reached for a towel and cleaned himself off. She motioned for the towel. On her back she cleaned herself off. He watched her. He looked at her legs spread apart. Her toes pointed like a ballerina. She looked at him as she felt his eyes on her. She was wet instantly as he licked his lips. “I need to have you again;I need to taste you.” She wanted his skin in her mouth. If she could, she’d eat him alive.


Closing the door behind her, she walked away. As she made her way home, she looked at her cell phone. Forty three missed calls. “Uh-oh,” she muttered and looked up her messages. Forty texts. “Cazzo” she said out loud. She opened it. It was her husband. How would she explain her night out?



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Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38


HEIGHT: 5’9″


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