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Tie Me Down

Courtesy of Stephanie Ferreira

I walked in the rain to the salon. It was a modest building that looked more like a house than a business. The doorbell had four options. I found the one I was looking for and rang . The voice on the other side said, “Hello, come on up.” His voice was soothing. I pushed the door open and looked at my GPS; the location was upstairs. This was no hair salon or beauty parlor. However, when I walked into the actual salon, there were plenty of beautiful faces. It was a Friday night and my best girlfriend invited me to hang out… only for me not to know what the hell I got myself into. I saw my girlfriend and sat next to her. 


“So glad you could make it,” she said excitedly. 


“No worries.” I looked around. Many were scantily clad. I felt overdressed with my yoga shorts and sports bra. “What exactly do they do here?” We started to stretch.



The teacher came out and people paired up. My girlfriend’s guy crush came and collected her as I sat there holding a fucking candle. No partner. Nothing. I stuck out like a sore thumb. The teacher started to talk about rope bondage. He got into the  history, safety and suddenly he was asking for a volunteer. Many like my girlfriend threw their hands up in the air  accompanied with “Oh, oh. Please pick me.” I shrunk down and sat on my hands. I made eye contact with him and he pointed at me. “ You!” 


I swallowed hard as “Aww ” echoed throughout the room, disappointment around for not being chosen. I stood next to the teacher unsure of what to expect. He placed two carabiners above my head and asked me, “Do I have your consent?” 


I looked at him and said, “Yes.”




He had me stand up straight and mouthed, “Hang on” as he started with the rope at my ankles. Carefully he tied the rope. He weaved in and around my legs, got to my ass and went around my buttocks. It felt as tight as ever. He whispered, “How are you feeling?” His face was close to mine. He was handsome. 


I whispered, “Good.”



 “Now, class. You have to communicate. Look at your partners breathing.” He sat me down and worked on my torso. He moved my hair out of the way, gently grazing my skin with his fingertips, then placing the rope. It was wound around my arms and surrounding my breasts. It felt sexy. It felt intimate, too, as he was in my proximity. My space. Many looked at the work of knots. He let the students admire his knots. Once all got a good look, he started to untie me. His skin set mine on fire. When my torso was free he hugged my arms and helped me stretch. He stood me up right and started to undo the knots on my bottom half. At one point, the rope shifted my panties, giving me an instant orgasm. I breathed out hard with a gasp at the sudden relief. He looked up. I smiled. He continued. When he removed the rest of the rope, I massaged my skin. The rope had left indications on my skin from the red dye to markings of rope. I felt good and I wanted to be tied up again. 


The class ended and many lingered. I waited for my girlfriend when the teacher approached me and said, “Did you have fun?”


“ Yes, I did,” I smiled all teeth.



“Great. Be sure to be here for next class. I’m going to suspend you,” he said with a wink. I must have looked confused. He added, “That’s when I tie you and actually have you suspended in the air.”


“Oh. I thought I did something wrong.” 


He looked at me. “Nothing is stopping you.”



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Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38


HEIGHT: 5’9″

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