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Getting Better at NFL Betting: Useful Tips

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Betting adds plenty of excitement to any sports game, but none so more than football. However, many people do not know how to do it without losing money. So, if you want to make money over an NFL season, you have to be armed with the right information. Although we will share some tips to help you make some money over an NFL season and avoid losing it, remember that losses can and do happen, and it is impossible to win all the time.


Manage Your Bankroll

There is a common saying that you should only bet what you can afford to lose. The amount of money you can afford to lose is known as the bankroll. To ensure you are not betting using money that is set aside for other things, you should have a weekly, monthly, or full-season bankroll.


Once you have this amount, you can then place each bet using 1-5% of the bankroll. 1% should be for smaller plays and 5% for bigger ones.


A common mistake people make is increasing their bets as they start winning. Try not to do this as this is the best way to lose your whole bankroll.


Look for Edges

The worst thing you can do is bet on every game or bet every week. This is a losing strategy over the long run. A good strategy is finding edges that you can capitalize on.


Finding these edges is often a combination of what you are sure will happen and odds that are big enough to warrant a bet. When you do this, you may find yourself placing one bet a week and even up to 6 bets a week.


Remember not to force bets to make things more interesting.


Line Shopping

Line shopping is where you go through different sportsbooks and compare the odds they have for the different plays you would like to bet on. To use this strategy, you should sign up for several NFL betting websites. This way, you can take advantage of line shopping to get the best odds possible.


Always Bet Sober

There is a very good reason why many Las Vegas casinos offer bettors free alcohol. When you are drunk, your judgment is severely impaired. You are then likely to place the wrong bets, and this is how sportsbooks make money, and you end up with empty pockets. If you want to drink, get the betting out of the way first, then sit down to watch the game with a few beers in your hands.


Do Not Tilt

This is a term that is often used for poker players but it applies to NFL betting too. Everyone loses. Statistics show even the best bettors lose about 40% of the time. Avoid letting emotions get the better of you because if you do, you will make the wrong decisions, which can include chasing losses. Because you are not in a good state of mind to make the right bets, you will end up losing a lot more money.

If done right, NFL betting can make you some extra cash during game days. Just remember to keep

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