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NY Still in Play FOR TRUMP 11/3/20

Fox News

Never take anything for granted. It was always assumed that New York and its 29 Electoral College votes would go to Joe Biden and the Democrat had a huge lead at one time last night. When the polls closed in The Big Apple at 9PM EST, most networks called it for Biden & it was approximately 80% to 20% over Donald Trump. But quietly as no one was paying attention, the incumbent began chipping away at that deficit and when we finally called it a night, Biden’s lead has slipped to 55% to 43% with 67% of the precincts reporting. But take this into consideration – out of the remaining counties that have yet to be declared, most are Republican strongholds, such as Suffolk County and Staten Island. As unlikely as it may seem, keep in mind that Trump only garnered 33% in 2016 against Hillary Clinton in The Empire State.


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