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5 Reasons To Use Protein Powders During and After a Workout

Putting the words ‘protein’ and ‘exercise’ in one sentence might make you think of bodybuilders with massive muscles, lifting heavy weights. However, both elements are essential for relatively anyone aiming to improve their current lifestyle.


In particular, protein is one of the three macronutrients, and it may help repair physiological damage, support the immune system, and promote overall wellbeing. It may also be one of the building blocks for stronger muscles.


However, should you consume protein powders during or after a workout session?  You can go with either option, but it should help you to know that each route may promote specific health benefits.


  1. Replenish Lost Energy


Exercise tends to put stress on the body. But, this pressure can help the body evolve into a stronger, better system than before. However, your body needs a sufficient energy supply to help you make the most out of your exercise routines.


Consuming the best protein powders during a workout may help replenish lost energy. Ergo, you can eke out more reps, do additional sets, and make your training longer than before. However, drinking protein shakes alone might not be quite effective in helping your body recover lost energy. Thus, it might help if you combine protein powders with other essential ingredients, especially carbohydrate-rich components.


Like protein, carbohydrate is a macronutrient that helps provide the body with an adequate calorie supply. Now, people who are into weight loss might cringe at seeing the word ‘calories.’ But, without this macronutrient, you might feel tired or lethargic. Hence, provide your workout routines with a sufficient energy supply by combining protein powders with healthy carbohydrate sources. Aim to use a 3 to 4:1 carb to protein ratio when creating your drinks. This mixture might be quite easy to digest to reduce the risks of upsetting your stomach during exercises.



  1. Make Workouts Less Boring


Some fitness enthusiasts may stick to a strict exercise regimen. However, doing the same daily workouts might lead to boredom. Progress might suffer if things don’t change.

You can bring the excitement back in your workout routines by bringing your favorite protein-rich beverages with you. You may even make the drink a reward for completing a difficult exercise set. For example, take a sip of your protein drink after successfully attempting a 100kg deadlift. Otherwise, consider consuming some of your beverage after running five miles on the treadmill.


Instead of simply walking away from the exercise equipment, you can now look forward to a reward after completing those strenuous activities. You may even mix up your drinks to reduce the chances of boredom buildup. For instance, you’re feeling chocolate-y today, so you bring a chocolate-flavored protein drink to the gym. As for tomorrow, you might consider a vanilla or peanut butter-flavored beverage.



  1. Increase Muscle Growth


Drinking protein powders as a post-workout snack may help improve muscle strength and size. Protein shakes, such as whey powders, are a relatively fast-acting protein. In other words, consuming protein beverages might lead to faster muscle development.


This macronutrient helps the muscles by assisting the body in rebuilding torn muscle fibers. Note that muscle fibers tend to tear during exercises, and it might turn into delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) if left untreated. Once torn, protein may help signal the body to redevelop and strengthen torn muscle fibers. Think of it as applying additional cement layers on a concrete road if it has potholes; the extra coatings help strengthen the road while reducing further damage risks.

Additionally, protein may interact with your body by providing a ‘clean’ repair to the torn muscles. The result could be leaner, bulkier, and stronger muscles than before.



  1. Prevent And Relieve DOMS


As mentioned in the previous section, consuming protein powders during or after exercise sessions may prevent and relieve DOMS.

Note that DOMS is the soreness and stiffness caused by the microscopic tears in your muscles because of intense exercises. For instance, doing Romanian deadlifts might make your experience DOMS in your arms for the next 24 to 48 hours. Although DOMS tends to be temporary discomfort, it can inhibit you from continuing the same enthusiasm and intensity for your workout routine. Thus, consider consuming protein powders to help prevent this pain from surfacing.


This macronutrient helps hasten the speed at which the body repairs torn muscle fibers. Hence, you may still feel a slight pain and stiffness after doing intense exercises. But, the aches might be significantly lesser than what you may experience without the help of protein powders.



  1. Improved Overall Health


Regularly consuming protein may promote potential positive effects to your wellbeing, regardless if you take the macronutrient during or after a workout.

Protein powders, as well as other healthy protein sources, may promote fewer hospital visits and better immune response against certain infections. A 2007 study published in the International Society of Sports Nutrition researched the effects of protein in the body. This research found that the group that took a placebo after their workouts had a higher risk of getting sick than the individuals who consumed protein.


Moreover, consuming healthy protein sources may help curb appetite cravings. Ergo, you might be less likely to search for sugary treats if you’re hungry. Perhaps, it’s partly due to the macronutrient reducing ghrelin, a hunger-inducing hormone, in the body. Additionally, protein may help boost peptide YY, a hormone that helps you feel full for extended periods.


Therefore, regularly taking adequate amounts of protein may help reduce obesity and the symptoms that go with the disorder. You may also combine this macronutrient with other healthy food options to help your body combat multiple illnesses. In turn, it might lead to other advantages, such as peace of mind, knowing that you’re now less susceptible to getting sick.



Final Words


Protein powders may promote various benefits when consumed during and after workouts. This macronutrient may help replenish lost energy, increase muscle growth, and improve overall health. It may also make gym time less boring, as well as prevent and relieve DOMS. Remember, purchase and use protein powders from reliable brands to reduce the risks of adverse effects.

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