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Is South Beach Diet’s Frozen Food Worth it?

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The weight loss journey is one that has been taken by plenty of people down through the years, all of who have tried various diets and plans to achieve their objective. One of the most popular diets is the South Beach Diet, developed by Arthur Agatston in the 1990s. This diet focuses more on incorporating good and healthy carbs and fats and getting rid of bad carbs and fats. Healthy carbohydrates are those categorized as having a low glycemic index, which stabilizes your blood sugar. The diet generally focuses on having more healthy proteins and lean meats than carbohydrates which is good for reducing the risk of heart disease.


South Beach Diet Plans

The diet is grouped into 3 phases as follows:

Phase 1 lasts for about 2 weeks. In this phase, a person’s diet is restricted mostly to lean proteins and vegetables, but limits out carbohydrates to regulate the body’s sugar levels and cravings. This phase comprises 3 meals a day with snacks.

The second phase does not have a specifically defined timeframe, but it is prolonged as long as a person needs to until they achieve their desired weight target. This phase is a little less restrictive as compared to phase one, as one is allowed to have particular carbs incorporated into their diet.

Phase 3

This can be described as some form of an observational phase, which begins when a person has already achieved their target weight. In this phase, all restrictions are lifted, which is why a person needs to watch their weight progress and if they end up adding some more kilos, then they can retract back to phase 1 to all them to get back to their desired weight.


Does the diet work?

Just like any diet, its effectiveness is largely dependent on a person’s individual effort to remain committed to the plan and not give up. The advantage of enrolling in a South Beach Diet plan is that they have plenty of several plans to pick from all of which have a wide array of meals, including frozen meals which are all delivered to you for free. Since they have plenty of different delicious meals to choose from, you can be sure that you will not feel like you are missing out on anything.  A lot of people think that diets are all about denying yourself of all things sweet and tasty and eating boring food or salads all the time. This is however not the case, as you can enjoy healthy delicious meals and lose weight all at the same time. You can also rest assured that all the frozen meals you will receive are fresh, and will have the same great taste once reheated.


For effective results, it is best to keep up with exercising as well, to complement your diet. You could try some light jogging or walk daily, to not only boost your weight loss but to maintain your physical fitness as well. By maintaining this discipline and remaining consistent, then the diet will work for you. However, if you find yourself perhaps slipping back into eating habits such as high sugar drinks or carbs late at night, do not get discouraged, but keep pushing. You can even opt to find a friend and do the diet together, which will allow you to encourage each other and remain on track.


Can I afford it?

The South Beach Diet comes mainly in 3 plans, that is the Silver, Gold, and Platinum plan to suit various budgets. The main advantage of all these plans is that they all come with 3 meals a day and free delivery. You will likely end up saving on resources such as time as you will not have to grocery shopping every other day. Moreover, you will save up on financial resources, and you will have plenty of me-time since you do not have to cook every day. With all these advantages and flexible plans, you will be able to afford the plan that suits you best. Moreover, the South Beach Diet contains a diabetes plan as well which is quite thoughtful and convenient


Overall, the South Beach Diet has a lot of pros and has helped many people down through the years to achieve their goals. If you would like further motivation or reasons to try out the diet, you may check out some of the reviews online for various people and get to know if it will be a right fit for you. Seeing their journey will also act as a great guide for your own which is quite helpful.

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