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Release the Kraken – Will NHL Expansion Team Change Their Name?


It has become the trendiest hashtag amongst the right wing and a rallying cry to shine a bright light on alleged widespread voter fraud that apparently will give Joe Biden the presidency on January 20, 2021. The Democrat’s over night ‘comeback’ on Election Day turned the tide against incumbent Donald Trump, who appeared to be comfortably ahead in a number of swing states when the respective poll counters across the United States had ceased their work for the night.

But, lo and behold, there was a spike in favor of Biden and swing state-by-state, the Republican’s lead disappeared. And as the following day began to take shape, Biden’s lead became a commanding one and an air of suspicion began to emanate out of the states that Trump lost a lead. Within a few days, Biden had eclipsed the 270 Electoral College votes needed and declared himself – along with many media outlets – president-elect.

Trump’s legal team immediately went to work and put together a case that may end up showing widespread voter fraud. Sidney Powell, one of the president’s attorney’s, has been stoic in her press conferences explaining what their investigation has shown, but made an interesting statement that certainly hinted at something leading to a bombshell announcement.

“Release the Kraken.”

That is also a marketing slogan for the 2021 NHL expansion team, the Seattle Kraken. It is a phrase used frequently in pop culture with many different meanings. The most common one (and undoubtedly what Powell was referencing) is a prediction that what is to come will be one with strength and a game-changer. But according to Urban Dictionary, it can also mean releasing a large stool in the bathroom or a large dildo used for sexual purposes, usually of the strap-on variety. We hardly believe that Powell meant either of those last two, so the entire country – and world – awaits the details on what exactly she has evidence-wise.

Since the NHL has become ‘woke’ like many other professional sports leagues with their pandering to Black Lives Matter during the playoffs, a great question is if they – or the team itself – is having second thoughts on promoting a word and slogan that has been associated with Trump by his supporters. Especially in such a liberal city like Seattle, which was a national embarrassment with the CHAD or CHAZ takeover by BLM and ANTIFA.

It’s ironic, actually, that this kraken statement has now been adopted by the right and even some sections of the official team website jump off the page, if you will. There is a Black Lives Matter area that is completely partisan  with nary a mention of the actual organization’s Marxist politics, demands and rampart civil disobedience. Sure, you can donate and/or join BLM, but how fair is it to prominently display them on your business site when there are two sides of the story and only being told?


Another interesting page is the sister Release the Kraken website, which is now not running and shows a message to log onto the league’s website for Kraken merchandise. Coincidence? We do not have an answer, so we reached out to Katie Townsend (Seattle Kraken Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications), De’Aira Anderson (Seattle Kraken Manager of Corporate Communications) as well as the general NHL league office’s event communications office. We will post any updates if we receive a response from any or all of them. 

With today’s cancel culture taking over sports (the Washington Redskins being the most glaring example), would it be a surprise if this team – who has yet to even be put together yet – announces a name change in the near future? We do not think so; it’s become an anti-Trump battle from all angles except for his humongous base and if the evidence that comes out somehow results in changing history, “Release the Kraken” will be as popular as “Make America Great Again.”

And the spineless NHL will not even try to fight it.

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