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Bobbin’ For Apples Twist – A New Tradition

Courtesy of Stephanie Ferreira

Mother Fuckers. Fall is upon us and I’m fucking excited. Oops, I mean… actually no. Not correcting that. I love heading to the farm for fresh apples. The road trip and taking in the colors from the trees. The wagon ride to the apple orchard. Picking them off the tree and rushing home to make goodies. Everything from warm apple pie to candy apples to – yes – playing with your food like the tradition  of Bobbing for Apples.


We headed to a local farm and went apple picking. We always pick enough for my parents and our household. On this particular night, we brought my kids to my parents place and we all had apple pie and ice cream. My kids wanted to sleep over so my mom said for us to “go home and have a great night.” My hubby and I went home. I started to clean up and my husband came and took some apples and put inside a big tub that we have for bobbing for apples. ‘Instead of our one-on-one poker game, how about we bob for apples?” I was up for the challenge and we agreed that the winner who bobs most apples wins. He went in and got two apples.



I thought, ‘I got this.” Dressed in my long white nightgown, I went in. I bent over, revealing the bottom of my butt cheeks and started to bob. I couldn’t get my mouth on them. It was harder than I remembered.  My husband walked towards me and grabbed my wrists and put them behind me. He started to grind against my ass cheeks. Before I knew it, I could feel his hard cock pressing on my ass cheeks. Turned on, I arched my back and leaned a little forward. Getting the front of my white shirt wet would make it sheer. I got wet and cold; my nipples got hard.




I then pressed against his hardness and  grinded my hips against him. I moved the tub over and leaned. Abandoned the game, as I knew I lost, but was still in a winning position. He lifted the wet gown over my head and spun me around. Kissing and grabbing every inch of me. He led me to the couch and told me it was time. I looked at him and he said, “Time for you to bob me.” I got down on my knees and put his hard cock in my mouth. I started to bob and giggled at how creative his win was. 



When he finally came, I laughed hard again. He looked at me. “You okay?” I looked at him and stifled a big snort of a giggle. “Think I might have some warm apple pie but no cream on it as I just got a mouthful.”  


He smiled, “Better than whipped cream?”


I looked at him, “No, not flavorful.”





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Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38


HEIGHT: 5’9″


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