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Tito Ortiz – Trump Will Be Victorious

Tito Ortiz/IG

“There’s going to be a big uprising for two or three weeks, but then the National Guard is going to come in and smash them down.” Refreshing words from Tito Ortiz, the legendary mixed martial artist-turned-politician who feels that when it’s all said and done, President Donald Trump will be declared the winner in the highly-contested 2020 election.

Ortiz, 45, recently won a seat in the Huntington Beach, California city council. Not only did he accomplish that with amber three-and-a-half months campaigning, but he garnered the most votes in the city’s history. The former UFC champion is a proud conservative and Trump supporter and is very outspoken about his views… something very refreshing in the world of professional sports, where the majority of the athletes fall into line with the nonsensical Black Lives Matter narrative.

“This is just my personal opinion, but Venezuela, Iran and China are (all) working together, so it’s very scary what they’re manipulating and trying to do with this country right now,” commenced Ortiz. “It’s like playing chess and Trump is probably the smartest person in the world to do that. People do not realize that; they think he’s just a businessman.

“But it’s not just him; it’s (also) the people around him,” continued Ortiz. “It’s all chess pieces and they’re moving them in all different directions, certain ways to win this game. And it’s kid of scary to say that our (lives) are a game right now. Every night I go to bed and pray that the right thing happens.

“The truth will set us free, man.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is an excerpt from an upcoming magazine cover feature on Tito Ortiz, but since some of the interview is current events, we have decided to post some of it on the website to avoid it being ‘dated’ by the time the issue is out. 


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