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Make Your Home Gym Safe with an Air Purifier


Your home gym isn’t just about pieces of exercise equipment arranged in an empty room/ space. To get that room to move from being a drab space into a fun workout room, there are things that need to be done. To have an enjoyable gym, you have to make sure that it is accessible, well lit, properly ventilated, comfy floored and generally convenient.

You may also consider sufficient electricity supply if you choose to include powered equipment and desire some stereo entertainment. Whatever you choose to do should align with your personal needs.

One thing you will surely need to consider above many other things is proper ventilation. If your gym is situated where you have functioning windows, you will likely not have a problem with ventilation. In reality, a lot of home gyms are located in basements where you do not have enough air coming in and going out.

In such instances, artificial means of ventilation becomes necessary –you can check out more information here. Therefore, the installation of equipment that will be useful in maintaining the appropriate moisture and help in the removal of unpleasant odor is useful.

Your Gym and Air Quality

In a gym environment, air quality is likely to deteriorate quickly as increased physical activity is using up the oxygen in the room. Apart from this, you are generating heat, sweating, probably introducing and raising dust particles into the air, and all such are capable of compromising fresh air.

Just a single session of workout can bring about much negative changes. If you choose to continue to work out without doing something about this, it will only get worse each time you use your gym.

At this stage, your gym might become a harbor for disease-causing organisms enabled by sweat, heat and moisture. It progresses to not just being a matter of enjoying a fresh atmosphere, but a matter of maintaining health. It is necessary at this point to know exactly the things that get the air in our gym bad. We also need to understand how different factors interplay to compromise health and comfort. For instance, how an increase in temperature is just the right condition for a lot of germs to grow.

Some Causes of Bad Air Quality

Some of the factors affecting air quality which you need to consider can be found here: We will however quickly list a few below.

  • Temperature –room temperature is important. For some, temperature might just be an issue of comfort considering that humans can work under high and low temperatures. However, there are instances where it is not just an issue of comfort. Your hydration level can be affected by temperature, apart from this you may face the danger of heatstroke as your body temperature rises with exercise. For those exposed to extreme cold temperatures, the danger lies in getting frostbitten.
  • Humidity –humidity is often a question of comfort or discomfort, but there are also many instances where it has become a question of safety. The presence of mold is much about the humidity of a place. Your home’s humidity is actually influenced by a number of things like the general humidity of the environment. Also, your gym’s location such as a basement, water intrusions through floors and walls, your sweat rate and in and airflow affect humidity.


  • Smells –there is nowhere bad smells are indications of something right. Wherever there is a bad smell, something is wrong. Often, bad smells tell us things we should keep away from. A gym with bad smell might be harboring something that needs to be dealt with such as dirty clothes and items, or even decaying matter. Beyond the discomfort that comes with bad smells, you will need to investigate to be sure you are not dealing with a health hazard.


  • Dust, Smoke and Other Pollutants –the idea of air quality to a lot of people revolve around these sorts of particles. Those who live in cities have to contend with so much of pollution resulting from soot, chemicals, dust and so on. The sad reality is that your private space is not exempted from the intrusion of these pollutants. Once inside, they won’t likely get out except made to go out by means of equipment like purifiers. It is also good to note that pollutants of this nature could arise from factors within the room including pets and human activity.


  • Mold –mold often is proof of bad air quality. If something is not done, it could develop into actual black, white or green patches around the room. Mold is a health hazard you will surely want to avoid. So, keeping that space where you spend lots of hours working out free of mold is something you shouldn’t toy with.


  • Oxygen Level –oxygen is very essential for survival. A rigorous workout will see you taking in more oxygen than at other times, so having enough within your space is important. The danger often is not running out of oxygen as in building the concentration of carbon dioxide. Oxygen inhaled is exhaled after being converted into carbon dioxide, its presence can be worsened by equipment generating carbon dioxide as waste. Inhaling large concentrations of carbon dioxide is a serious health hazard.


  • Radon –this is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally. It could penetrate through foundations and build up to dangerous levels with poor ventilation. Unfortunately, it can only be detected using specialized equipment as it is invisible, odorless and tasteless. Gyms built in basements are especially susceptible to it.

You can install a good Home Gym air purifier to deal with all the above sources of bad air quality.

In Conclusion

There is a rising demand for air purifiers used at home due to concerns about air quality, these concerns are more pronounced in a gym. Unlike generations past, there is much less time spent outdoors these days.

A lot of activities that ordinarily hold outdoors have been converted into indoor activities, including sports, leaving this generation living life almost completely indoors. This excessive indoor lifestyle actually generates its own health problems, part of which has to do with indoor air quality. To remedy this situation, air purifiers have become part of many indoors settings, including gyms.

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