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Snack Time

Courtesy of Stephanie Ferreira

My anniversary was last week. I suffered a car accident just a few days before. My husband decided to treat me to a weekend getaway. We drove an hour and a half out of Toronto and hit cottage country; it’s a town known for its ski slopes and is a little town called Blue Mountain. It was green – no snow – when we arrived. We checked into our room at a resort that happened to be a full size bachelor pad. It came with a fireplace, a big ass king bed and full kitchen. While staying for the night, we didn’t necessarily buy anything to stock up. We unpacked and hit the road to visit the small town. We window shopped, took photos of buildings set up with Christmas lights. We noticed the town shuts down at 5 pm on a Saturday. Only restaurants were open, but had modified short hours. My husband said, “We should find a store and buy some snacks for tonight after our marathon.”



We walked to a grocery store and started to shop. We bought crackers, chips, cheese, chocolate, caramel popcorn with nuts, and a bottle of champagne to celebrate. We paid for the items and the cashier said, “Have a great party.”


I smirked and looked at my husband, replying, “Party for two.” We walked to the truck and went looking for a place to have dinner. We went out for steak, as we were starving and the location had just what we were looking for. We ate and decided to walk off some of our food for fear of overeating. We checked out more Christmas lights, bought hot chocolate to keep warm and decided it was time to go back to the resort to warm up. When we arrived, we took off our outerwear and plopped our butts in front of the fireplace. We got all cozy and began a night full of hot sex. We must have blessed every nook and cranny. From the floor in front of the fireplace, to the bench attached to the island in the kitchen, couch in front of the television, the shower and finally to the big ass bed.



After our rounds of sex and romance, I needed a snack. I went first to the crackers and goat cheese. Tried to eat a healthy snack. It tasted great but, it wasn’t hitting the spot. I tore into the chips with my husband, had two chips and didn’t want anymore. He popped open the champagne, poured us each a glass and we cheered. He got the caramel popcorn open and we both had a feast, polishing off half the bag. He looked at me and smiled “We may need to burn off what we just ate before bed time.”


We had another run in the sack and called it a Grand Finale. We both fell asleep happy to be holding each other. Our snores took over the room like our moans did. We woke up frisky just as we did the night before and decided it would make sure we felt great. We cleaned up our mess. Had a quickie in the shower. Got dressed, packed and checked out. I was glad we bought snacks. We always need to munch on something like fueling up after we have a romantic night.We drove home and got ready to deal with reality again.


As for those snacks, here’s what I recommend:


  1. Lay’s Potato Chips- Yes, even the name suits my night
  2. Caramel Popcorn – We purchased  Kernels Brand; so delicious
  3. Chocolates -Ferrero Rocher (Contains DEEZ NUTS), Kit Kat and Crunchie
  4. Crackers- any brand; we opted out of salted tops 
  5. Cheese – known as Celebrity Goat Cheese 



The Champagne – we tried a sparkling Rose Champagne. It was scrumptious. With a drink like this, I suggest chocolate covered strawberries or just plain berries.


As for my anniversary, Happy Anniversary to my husband. To many more. Thanks for supporting me and all my crazy endeavors.

I love you. 


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Photo: Whitewolf Studios (Instagram & website)


Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38


HEIGHT: 5’9″


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