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Are Rowing Machines Good For Losing Belly Fat?

A rowing machine is a piece of exercise equipment that is fitted with a sliding seat and oars. It serves to exercise the muscles that are used in rowing. This machine allows you to enjoy a full-body workout in a manner similar to that of a person with a rowing boat in a river.

It’s important to note that rowing will not magically take away all your belly fat in a day. However, it is a very effective mechanism of burning belly fat if done consistently over a specified period of time that will help you slim down and achieve that body size that you’ve been yearning for.

To get a better understanding of how rowing works and how effective a rowing machine is in helping you lose belly fat, it’s important to first understand the two types of fat that are found in the area around your belly.

Subcutaneous Fat And Visceral Fat

Subcutaneous fat is the kind of fat that forms rolls every time you bend over or sit down. You can actually pinch it with your hand. Visceral fat is the fat that forms a padding on the space that is between your internal organs.

Having too much of both of these types of fat can become a health risk to your body. However, visceral fat is considered to be riskier. It has actually been considered to be one of the elements that sponsor Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gallbladder surgery, and breast cancer in women.

Whichever type of fat that you are battling with, engaging in physical exercises such as rowing will go a long way in helping you slim down.

It’s important, however, to note that rowing will not reduce your belly. This is to mean that rowing will not reduce fat in the area around your belly only. It focuses on burning fat for the whole body. The reasoning behind spot reduction in exercise is a total lie.

Rowing serves to burn the fat stored in your body and converts it to energy. It’s important that you combine your physical exercise with a healthy diet that’s rich in nutrients derived from fruits, vegetables, lean protein that’s of high-quality, unsaturated fats, and whole grain.

Establishing A Rowing Workout Program

Whenever you sit down on your rowing machine to do your workouts, the best results will be achieved if you follow a well-designed easy to follow formula that will not only give you the best results but also ensure you remain safe while working out.

To start off, ensure that you first do some warm-up for around 10 minutes. This will involve some gentle rowing on the machine and it will go a long way in preparing your body for the task ahead.

Continue for another 10 minutes, this time increasing your rowing intensity to get those muscles going and that fat burning.

Slow down again by reducing the intensity back to gentle rowing for another 10 minutes. This will allow your body to cool down and transition back to a rested state.

Techniques To Employ When Using A Rowing Machine

You’ve probably found yourself seated on a rowing machine and began to rush back and forth yanking the handle so hard so much that the exercise became uncomfortable and completely unfruitful. Most people do this and it’s a completely wrong approach to use when using a rowing machine.

A proper technique to imitate is that of a rower with a boat on water. Consider how powerful his leg drive is and how quick the hands are moving. That’s the best approach to rowing.

Some of the things you should be aware of when sitting on that rowing machine are:

  1. Your seat should slide forward while you are seated up straight. You should hinge at the hips and your shoulders should be in front of the hips. Your arms should be straight and your hands should go beyond your knees.
  2. Ensure that your back, core, arms, and shoulders are engaged when driving with your legs to push the seat in the opposite direction from the flywheel.
  3. While driving with your legs, ensure that you open your hips to allow your body to swing back to a position similar to that of 11 o’clock or a 30° angle.
  4. When swinging your body back, ensure that your hands move in towards your lower ribs in order to complete the stroke.
  5. Reverse these motions in order to go back to the starting position. Do this motion smoothly. Start by moving your arms forward and then allow your whole body to swing forward. Allow the seat to also slide forward.


With all this being said, is a rowing machine effective for losing belly fat? The answer is a big yes. So why not try it out? Go ahead and get a rowing machine for yourself. We recommend that you get a smart rower, one connected option with the best features available.

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