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Steph’s Christmas Guide

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IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME, MUTHAFUCKAS. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably don’t know that December is here and you are likely thinking what to get that special someone for this joyous and ‘festivus’ time of year. (Side note: If you want to get me something for Christmas, please pay attention so you get it right; I’m a XL size winery in ITALY.) With gift giving this year, things may be a little difficult, as some stores may have reduced their hours or some (especially in Toronto) have shut down completely. As for the special someone in your household, I strongly suggest getting something special  for your loved one.


If your spouse is cheeky: Remember when we loathed getting underwear for Christmas? Nowadays, we love getting socks and underwear. Want to spice it up? Throw in a matching bra for bonus points – make sure they are the same color. We feel at our best when our top and bottom coordinate. She may let you unwrap her like a present.



If your guy is a bodybuilder or loves to work out: You can renew his membership to the gym of his choice. Buy his fit ass a membership to Muscle Sport Magazine.


The Coffee or Tea Drinker: The Funny Mugs – If you head into any home store, you can find some funny mugs or even if you make a basket of small items, you can put chocolate inside the mug or underwear for them to wear inside or both.


The Toy Collector: Yes, toys. If your spouse has not gotten Yoda from The Mandalorian, this may be the best time to get it. If that is too toyish and you’re eyeing for a more adult selection, look to your local adult toy store and choose something for him, her and for both. If you really want something kinky, you can ask the store to provide a few options on kinky toys. Bonus points for creativity: Buy a surprise bag for both of you to open. They usually contain everything you can ask for and they range in price for those with a strict budget.



The artist: Check out some washable paint and paint one another. One fun idea is to paint your partner’s butt and have it look like a Christmas ornament.


The Candle Lover: Yes, these do double duty. Whether you are covering the smell of Christmas dinner or want to set up a romantic setting, you can do no wrong with a candle. Unless you buy that 2020 candle that smells like Banana Bread, Handsanitizer, woody musks and budget aftershave.

Bonus: The adult store sells candles that allow you to pour warm wax on you and your partner.


For those that don’t really want to exchange gifts or put too much effort into it, you can always get naked, wrap yourself in a big ribbon and let  your partner unwrap you.




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