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Kayley Double D / Forming the MS Militia / Benito’s Reign / Cuomo Lauded For ? / iCandy – MSTV

MSTV is our flagship weekly variety program which features what we like to call our ‘host of hosts.’ Segments include:

*”Benito’s Buried History” – Quick question – guess how long Mussolini was running the show in Italy? And what he did for the country long before World War II? Bet you will be surprised at both answers.

*Under Systematic Attack – The formation of the MuscleSport Militia

*mSm Maiden Montage – Kayley Double D (Season 1, Episode 8)

*Tina Talks Trumpism – New York governor Andrew Cuomo has single-handedly fucked up the entire COVID situation in the Empire State, yet he had the balls to write a book patting himself on the back. And he was given an Emmy Award for his day briefings on television. Take about throwing salt in the wounds. The Democrats have zero shame. (Season 1, Episode 13)

*iCandy starring IFBB pro Debra Becker

Season 4, Episode 28

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