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Get Fit With Kristin / Our Olympia Sponsor / Fascism Over Communism / Handi Capable Fitness – MSTV

MSTV is our flagship weekly variety program which features what we like to call our ‘host of hosts.’ Segments include:

*mSm Maiden Montage – Get Fit With Kristin (Season 1, Episode 10)

*”Benito’s Buried History” – What’s a better form of government – fascism or communism? Do you now the differences? At the time when Mussolini gained power in Italy in 1922, his opposition were red commies & the USA gave its blessing to Il Duce to perform the March On Rome.

*We are proud to announce that http://www.hotstuffnutritionals is the title sponsor of our on-site coverage of the 2020 Olympia in Orlando, Florida. Want to save 20 percent on all their great products? Just use code MrO2020 at checkout.

*The always-smiling Carolyn from Texas brings more joy to us.

Season 4, Episode 29


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