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Bath Time

Courtesy of Stephanie Ferreira

I need to cum clean. When it is time to get dirty, we need to clean up our acts before we do. We need to rinse, lather on some suds and help exfoliate our pores. Got some hard to reach places? Invite your partner for some one-on-one action. Sex in the shower or tub has so many advantages, but let’s not forget how fucking stressed we have been over the course of the last, what… 10  months? If you notice your partner or even you have been experiencing lots of tension and sore muscles, a perfect way to unwind is a warm bath. Fill up your tub with warm water. Grab some of your favorite scented bubble bath and pour it in. If you want a really bubbly experience, add soap directly to impact.


My guilty pleasure after a hard day is a glass of wine while I soak in my tub. Let the steam rise and let your muscles relax. Don’t forget to stretch as you are in the tub. Submerge yourself and let the water help you float. Some things you can keep on hand to get you comfortable you already have, but there are some safety concerns you need to look out for. 



 In your tub or shower, I suggest a bath mat with suction cups to reduce the risk of slips and falls.


Some things to have for your tub is a bath pillow to rest your head. However, if you feel sleepy, it’s time to get out of the bath. Don’t wait until your skin starts to prune up.




Now the romantic aspect. What you’ve all gotten ready for. Have fun a little and literally let loose. Drop the soap. Once you pick it up, start lathering yourself and each other up. Rub each other up with a soft loofah or with your hands. Run your hands along the smooth skin. Massage breasts, pecs, glutes, legs and their back. If you’re alone, your shower head should be your best friend. Put your back and hips into it. Steal a few kisses and cuddle up. Just be sure to share the water. If you really want to score extra points, have two glasses of wine or champagne, or your fellas favorite brewski. Set the mood with some scented candles or scented bath bombs. 



The Power of A Milk Bath


No, I don’t mean cum all over her. I mean treat yourselves to a milk bath. The milk bath has been around since the time of Cleopatra. Milk is great for your skin and your hair. If you know your partner is big on flowers, treat them to flowers that are big and place them in the tub with them. Just be sure any flowers that you add with stems don’t have thorns or it can make for an uncomfortable bath. Take pictures. If you are new to being partners, you can opt for clothing or no nudity photos. Just be sure to rinse yourself off as the milk can start to smell rank or curdled.


The fun doesn’t stop. If you have warm, dry towels ,a towel warmer, take your time drying each other off. The warm towels are great and soothing and keep each other warm. Sneak away to the bedroom and go directly under the covers. Body heat is great when you share it with your partner. Or opt for moisturizing each other with creams to keep your skin moisturized. If you are like me and need to dry your hair, ask your partner to help you. Have them gently comb your hair with their fingers. Caressing your neck as they reach for your hair. If you can tolerate a little bit of hair pulling, go for it. Or take it to bed. Cuddle up. Rest in bed. 




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