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Ghost Sex Fantasy / Lincoln Memorial Fascism / Kamala Harris Double Quota VP / Fit Chicks – MSTV

MSTV is our flagship weekly variety program which features what we like to call our ‘host of hosts.’ Segments include:

*”Canadian Heat Starring Leafs Girl Steph” – Things that go bump in the night (Season 1, Episode 4)

*”Benito’s Buried History” – The symbol of the Italian Fascist Party – the fasci – is actually a symbol of strength from Ancient Rome. But you will be quite surprised to see where else it is displayed prominently.

*Under Systematic Attack – Kamala Harris is a double quota possible VP-to-be

*mSm Maiden Montage – Karina Powers, Jessie Nelson, Shotzie Doran (Season 1, Episode 7)

Season 4, Episode 27


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