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Antifa Soccer League – No, It’s Not a Joke

When one thinks of Antifa, the last image that comes to mind is one of athleticism. The terrorist organization is made up of scrawny white people who wear black clothing and makeup; not exactly the alpha type. They “peacefully protest” and cause mayhem everywhere they go, attacking in packs against the elderly or women. But don’t choose a book by it’s cover, apparently, because the little commie bastards are launching a soccer ‘league of their own.’

If you are part of their little group and reside in the Portland area, you’re in luck. They will be ‘on the pitch’ on Wednesday, December 30 to kick things off and are looking to form four teams consisting of seven-to-nine ‘players’ each; they actually have the balls to call it Antifa FC (football club), a common moniker for soccer/football worldwide.

At least they are being safe, as masks are required.

“Have comrades that you want to make a team with? Or you’re solo and want to play? Let us know by DMing us on Instagram or Twitter – @antifa_fc.”


Here’s our prediction: these little cunts will barely be able to finish a regulation 90-minute match and this will be a short-lived disaster.

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