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After the first lockdown, I treated myself to a gym membership. I was always a little soft around my midsection and wanted to trim the fat. It was easier to join a gym than have someone walk around me full time, following close behind and knocking the unhealthy foods I was trying to stuff in my mouth out of my hands.


I got to the gym in my attire and started warming up. I was stretching when a guy named Perry started to stretch next to me. He was sexy. Tall, olive skinned and green eyes.” Hi,” he said as he looked left to right.



I smiled and said, “Hello.” He was wearing a muscle shirt. The muscles under his tight shirt only emphasized his built chest. 


He looked me over and offered, “Would you like a workout partner?” I nodded yes and we began. We continued our stretches. I rubbed my back, as I was sore from back pain. He noticed and told me to lay down. He grabbed my left leg and lifted it. He let my leg rest on his chest, his pelvis resting on the top of my leg and butt cheek. He counted to 10. “Other one.” He guided my raised leg down, quickly shifted and I raised my other leg. We made eye contact and I thought, ‘Fuck, if we were naked he could easily slide in my pussy… and my ass.’ He interrupted my sexy thought and said “Both now.” He helped raise my other leg. Both my legs were in the air and my butt somewhat lifted. I let out a small moan as it both hurt and felt good. I pictured him naked. Then me naked in that position. He counted to 10 then let my legs go. I brought them down slowly. “Okay time to get sweaty.” 



We walked over to the treadmills. We started to jog. Perspiration started to run down his face. His shirt getting tighter. He looked at me and smiled. “You are talented.” 


I looked at him and said, “Hmmmm?”


“Do you always jog sideways?” FUCK . I was jogging sideways. I must have looked awkward. Creepy. He laughed and said, “That’s one for the books.” I blushed from embarrassment. “Let’s wipe these down. I have a different idea.”


We walked to the weights. I started with small ones. Next thing I knew, he had my squatting to feel it in my ass. As I squatted, he squatted underneath me, guiding my arms in the right direction. Then suddenly I felt it. His hard, erect cock right on my cheeks. I breathed harder. He told me to slow my breathing. Inhale then exhale. I was getting hot. He whispered “Can you feel it?” 



I looked dead on in the mirror. He looked at my reflection and I bit my lip. Breathing harder, heart-poundin,g I nodded and said “yesss.”


“GOOD.” He replied. “Now we really work out  Time to hit the showers.”


This gym had individual showers. I stripped off my sweat ridden workout clothes and got in the shower. I let the water soothe my achy muscles and wash away the sweat. I faced the water. I heard the door open to my shower… “Occupado!” I shouted, worried that some stranger walked in on me.


“Relax, it’s just me. If we can workout and get dirty, then we could definitely get cleaned up together.” He started to kiss me hard. He lifted me by my ass cheeks and slid into me. He fit and felt so good. I tried to grasp on to anything I could in the shower. I couldn’t get enough until it hit me.


 “Ouch,” I screamed in agony. My dumb ass dropped a dumbbell on my foot as I was fantasizing about Perry. 


He walked over. “Are you okay?”


“Yes.” I answered.


“You should get it checked out as it could be broken. You did well today but we should call it a day.”


 I nodded in agreement, grabbed my belongings and left. I wasn’t sure what hurt most – my foot or my ego.


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Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38


HEIGHT: 5’9″




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