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Girls, Girls, Girls – Women Like Strip Clubs, Too

Last September my best childhood girlfriend got married in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We had a great time but the wedding ended by 9 pm on a Saturday night. My husband and I and our entire table of single men from childhood all had nothing to do and it was early. We were still hungry, wanting to have a great time listening to tunes and some of us that were without our kids wanted to have a fucking great time. For the wedding, we rented hotel rooms and stayed in Lundy’s Lane; the Canadian Vegas Strip is where we were staying. Hotels, casinos, bars and my favorite – sexy strip clubs.


We all made our way to a strip club called Sundowner. We got some great seats and sat right at the front. I ordered a bucket of wings and my favorite beer Ricard’s Red and got comfortable. The music was great. My wallet was ready with bills thanks to the money exchange and got ready to shake it. Every chick who hit the stage was sexy. Their skin looked smooth. They looked great with what they came out dressed in and they looked even better when they were completely bare. Some of my friends looked shocked that I loved being there. Some left early and a few would disappear behind the curtains with one of the gorgeous ladies. My husband sat next to me, his hand on my thigh, my hand on his. I came in closer and asked, “Which one do you like?” I grabbed his face, but my mouth to his ear and said, “I want all of them.” He laughed and said, “You can choose one or they will fight.” I giggled and told him that “I wouldn’t mind seeing sexy ladies fight over me.” The DJ thanked “Cinnamon” on the stage as she picked up her bills, her clothes and she made her way off the stage. He then introduced “Lala” and she came out. My fuck; she was sexy. She had fair skin, long dirty blonde hair in a ponytail, a yellow bikini top, matching thong and some sexy stripper heels.


She cleaned off the pole starting from the bottom, up and back down… bending and stroking. I looked at my husband and he knew. She was mine. He took $20 from his pocket. “Take this, sit on the stage and then lay back. Put the money in your mouth and relax.” I was in a tight red number and the idea of the stage would normally freak me the fuck out, but I sat on the edge and laid down. I looked over and she motioned for me to put the money in my mouth. She smiled and shimmied and removed her top. I was instantly wet. She stood over me and removed her bottom. My panties were a lost cause as Niagara Falls was running in between my legs. She shoved her tits in my face, rubbed my clit over my panties and dress and suddenly her clit was in my face. She licked her fingers and mine and she rubbed her clit. She sat on my face and removed the bill from my mouth. She smelled like vanilla. The men in the crowd cheered. I got up and went back to my seat.


My husband grabbed my hand and put it at his crotch; he was turned on. I was riled up and wanted a lap dance. She got off the stage but as she was approaching, the dick sitting at the next table intervened and asked her for a dance. She looked at me and motioned for me to wait. I couldn’t believe it; the ass cock blocked me… or pussy blocked me.


They disappeared for all of five minutes and she came back to me. ”Would you like  for me to dance for you?” I nodded yes and as she took my hand and we made our way to our private room. As we were walking, men put more money in her hand. “They are paying for more time for me to dance for you.” I was happy. They had paid for 30 minutes. She did the calculations and I gave her another 20 dollar bill. The song had already started so she sat in my lap for the first song to start. She was so light and I didn’t realize she had a different outfit on. It was all black. She looked delicious. I wanted to kiss her, lick and bite her. We made small talk. There was no talk about paying for college or any of the ridiculous shit you hear. She liked stripping but she loved that a woman had finally chosen her for a lap dance.


We heard the DJ thank whoever was on the stage and she got up and started to dance. The lights were better lit in the room. She removed her top. Her nipples were hard and light pink. She sat facing me grinding and before I knew it she removed my straps and moved it down my arms revealing my bra. She massaged my breasts over my bra with hers. She put my face in between her breasts and she dry humped me. She stood up and sat back down facing away from me. She grabbed my hands and let me touch her sensational breast. Then she led my hands to rub her chest to her throat and back down her breasts to her stomach. When she got up for the next song, she pulled me up and removed my dress further. All I had between us was my soaked panty , red bra and my heels. All she had was her thongs and heels. I felt naked. Good. Liberated and, fuck me, did I want more.


She pushed me down. She started with lifting her legs, held herself up and I could see her vertical lip smiling at me and we were in 69 position. She lowered herself and she went on her knees. She cupped my breasts and bit me over my bra. She stopped and looked at me and shook her head NO. She pulled me forward and started to rub my back. She then dug her nails in my back, giving me goosebumps in the process. She unclasped my bra and removed it. She pushed me back and massaged both breasts. Suddenly her lips were around my left nipple. She licked in between them and went for the right. I was squirming; I was so wet, so horny. She got up and let me see her smile. I had no idea how deep in  the 30-minute window we were in. I honestly didn’t give a fuck, either. She was so beautiful. She was hitting all the right spots and did it with all the right moves. She rubbed her clit and mine. I felt so drunk from the pleasure overload. It was over before I knew it. We got dressed and she hugged me. She took my hand and led me back to my husband. She went back to the stage and I took my 20 and put it in her thong. I looked at my husband and said, “ Let’s Go.” We left and made our way to the hotel. We fucked and fucked. I used some of the moves she taught me and teased him. Part of me wanted her in the room but I didn’t want to share. To Lala, I say, ”Thank you, Miss. May I have another?” 


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Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38



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