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An upcoming fight for the UFC fans!

Ultimate Fighting Championship is a banner that was founded in 1993. In a few years, it became one of the most spectated and incredible sporting events of all time. The electrifying presence of the crowd in an arena chanting their favourite fighter’s name almost seemed like the early times when Roman Gladiators would face each other off.


This competition is one of the most famous MMA events on the planet with people paying over $100 to view the fight on their television sets. UFC runs fights under the MMA rules sanctioned by various state commissions in the United States Of America.

The fight is round the corner!

It is time for one of the biggest fighting names to be back in the octagon. It is Conor “The Notorious” McGregor and his opponent Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier who will be fighting each other for a second time. Their first fight leads to a victory for Conor by TKO in just two minutes of the fight. After this fight, both of the MMA fighter’s careers took off in different directions.


For Mc Gregor, his rule had started in the UFC. Before facing Poirier he had defeated 3 others including Marcus Brimage and Max Holloway. Conor then fought Chad Mendes. Chad had come into the fight on short notice because Jose Aldo had to step back due to injury.


As mentioned in Betway, his fight with Aldo in the UFC, Conor shocked the world by knocking out the champ in 13 seconds. After this, his notable fights are with Nick Diaz. Diaz tapped Conor out in the 2nd round. In the following rematch, Conor won by decision and kept it alive. In recent fights, Conor lost to his arch-rival Khabib and then won against Cerrone in the first round.  Conor through this time has created his own brand of whiskey and has stepped it up in the game of business while he destroyed opponents in MMA


Dustin on the other side has had a noticeable run up the rankings. After his fight with Mc Gregor, he then went on to face very tough challengers like Holloway. This has a very good reference to why he is called “The Diamond”. His striking and grappling capabilities have become so much better. In his match against the renowned Eddie Alvarez, he performed greatly and quickly finished the fight in round 2.




In this rematch with Conor, Dustin looks forward to proving a point. He clearly is not the same MMA fighter Conor defeated 5 years ago. Dustin has proven time and time again that he is not a simple match for Conor. Conor on the other end has a very relaxed and composed training living his big millionaire life driving expensive cars and relaxing on yachts. The superstar has not taken training for the fight in a light manner either.


The match is definitely going to send sparks flying as these two big names in the UFC go head-to-head. Will Conor finish the fight in the early rounds? Or will Poirier be patient with him? This question will be answered soon.

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