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Can I Re-Sell My Wholesale Hemp Flower?

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On several occasions now, we have talked about the benefits of buying your Hemp flower wholesale. We aren’t going to rehash all of that. But suffice it to say that wholesale hemp purchases come down to one big reason: Money. You get a much better deal when you buy things in larger quantities. Today, we will explore a topic that the more enterprising types will have already considered. Since you can get your Hemp flowers wholesale at a discount, is it a good idea to resell that Hemp at a profit? Let’s ask some essential questions and attempt to answer the big one.


Can You Sell Hemp Flower?

There probably won’t be much of a problem in this department. Hemp flowers do tend to be quite easily sold, in spite of the fact that they don’t get you “high.” they may not offer the “buzz” of a marijuana plant, but they do offer plenty of therapeutic benefits and a pleasant taste to boot. Even those who don’t have any medical need will often find it relaxing to puff on some Hemp flowers.

Bottom line: Finding buyers isn’t really too hard. A lot of shops are selling CBD and Cannabinoid products these days, so you might want to just go around and talk to the owners of such businesses. If you can undercut their present supplier, the possibilities are quite lucrative.


The Legal Aspects

As we said, finding people who want to smoke some hemp is usually not too hard. However, there are some legal and regulatory hurdles that must be overcome. First, you must make sure that Hemp production is legal in your state. This probably won’t be an issue because 46 out of 50 states will allow Hemp cultivation to one degree or another. Unless you live in Idaho, Mississippi, New Hampshire, or South Dakota, you can move to the next step rather quickly. Those four states won’t allow you to grow, and they won’t allow you to resell anything you bought at wholesale.

Now we come to the hardest part: Getting licensed to sell. Each state has different regulations in this department, so you will need to look up the rules for your particular state. Most state laws require you to have a grower’s license before you can legally sell Hemp in any form. As an alternative to the various state regulations, you can also try to get licensed under the USDA Hemp program.

Thankfully, the laws tend to be a little less strict when it comes to Hemp-derived products. Any existing licensed business can sell CBD products and other Cannabis products, as long as they do not contain more than 0.3% THC by weight. In some states, you will need what is known as a resale license.


Going Into Business

In most cases, it is not a viable option for private individuals to go into the Hemp business. The laws are generally created with large-scale growers in mind, and you probably don’t have the land or resources to become one of those. In most states, growers and sellers have to go through a similar licensing process. As such, it isn’t really worth the trouble of reselling your wholesale Hemp when you could simply grow some.

However, there is one way that you can use the buying of wholesale Hemp flowers to make a little profit. You can take your wholesale Hemp and use it to make CBD oil or some other Cannabinoid product. Once you have rendered the Hemp into these forms, they can be sold to anyone that wants to buy them. This can include friends, family, or the general public.


Is It Worth The Trouble?

Although you can, realistically, go into business selling wholesale Hemp flowers on a resale model, it’s often not worth the trouble. As we said, you will have to obey most of the same regulations that a grower would have to obey, and you will have to obtain most of the same licenses. Unless you plan to sling this stuff illegally (definitely not worth the risk), it’s better to buy your Hemp for personal use only.

If nothing else, consider this fact: The law mandates that legal Hemp must contain no more than 0.3% THC. If your plants somehow get above that threshold, you could be prosecuted under the same laws that are used to prosecute illegal growers. That’s a level of risk that most people simply don’t need.



Buying wholesale hemp flower from Mr Hemp Flower is a great way to stock up on your favorite smoking herb, but you probably can’t go into business with this stuff. Perhaps in the future, when this highly useful plant is less regulated, it will be different. For now, however, we recommend that you keep your best buds for yourself and your friends. The risks and hassles associated with starting a Hemp flower business are not to be taken lightly. Luckily, there are plenty of companies out there who have already done the work for you.

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