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Family Plot Twist

By Gerard Richardson

She woke up in her bed completely nude and alone. She looked  around the room taking in the sunlight that shone bright into the room through the windows. She clutched the bed sheets to her chest, stretched her arms above her head and let the sheets fall to her waist. She got up and went to the bathroom, quickly went to pee and take a hot shower.


She grabbed her shower head and let it massage her clit. She orgasmed, letting her body fluid run down her leg with the water. She lathered up, shaved and rinsed off. She grabbed a towel from the rack and dried herself off. She wandered back into her room and gazed in her closet… the same one she once shared with her husband of 10 years. He was her husband for a decade only to leave her for a younger woman. She couldn’t have his kid. She wouldn’t go to sleep in bed next to him. Not even the fun of make-up sex. She could barely keep a job let alone have a career that would be enough to  pay for groceries and rent. He just upped and left.


She looked at her laptop, open but barely used. She wanted to write and tell stories of folklore, but nowhere to start. She sat at her desk, hair wet with droplets running down her nude body. She looked at listings and the classified ads. Not very much available other than computer roles that she had no experience in; the pandemic had hit hard for jobs and she had no idea where to turn. Her worst case would be to leave her apartment behind and go live with her parents. She really didn’t want to go down that route.


She looked for listings for potential roommates. Some of the inquiries sent shivers down her spine or just outright creeped her out. One even dared to say, “Looking for a female roommate. Needs to be clean, can cook and doesn’t mind nude cuddling on the couch or in bed.” She shook her head in defeat, got dressed and made breakfast. She ate, cleaned and went for a walk to grab a coffee from her favorite coffee shop. The stores that were open looked deserted. Many of the storefronts were getting tidied up and rid of their holiday decorations. She ordered a double double and took a swig. It tasted good. A couple,hand in hand, giggled as they walked past her. She smirked and thought, “They look happy.”


She walked back home eager to find work. She opened apps that helped find work and job listings and checked her social media to see what was happening in events. NOT very much. She noticed a message from a guy she knew and clicked on the message.


“Hi, sexy. I love your photos. Ever consider getting into modelling? Even nude art?” 


She giggled at the idea. She kept scrolling through social media posts. She came across photos of people on vacation, photos of cute dogs, babies, food, couples working out.


She grabbed her notepad and jotted down some notes. Where in the flying fuck are people traveling to? Should I get a pet? Babies are cute, but I like my beauty sleep. I want someone to cook food like that for me. I want a body like those chicks and a sexy man like that, to boot.


She looked at her notes. Not really goals or expectations. She looked at the screen again. She scrolled and found so many beautiful women. They had a link in their profile. She clicked the link. It took her to a page. It was a pay-for post. She went back to the social media pages, and called her bestie Jen.”Hey, shit head. What’s happening?” 


“Hey Lack-o-Penis Breath. Nothing much. What are you up to?” her friend giggled.


“I’m looking at job listings. I wanted to ask you. Have you heard of Only Fans?” 


“Aww, hell yeah. I read you can post content and people will pay to see it. You can make it calm or wild.”


“Really?” She thought about it. “Hey, can I ask you something else?”


“Yes babe, what is it?” 


“Do you think you can send me some of your nude photos? You got a better body than me.” She was half joking. 


Jen laughed hard. “Nope. Love you, bitch. Gonna go get my ass eaten.”


“Enjoy.” They hung up and she stared at her screen again.


She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She looked at what some other accounts charged and put her information in. 


She added a photo. She completed her profile and walked away to make a coffee. As she got in the kitchen her laptop made a “ping”sound. She walked to her laptop and took a big gulp .


She read on her screen. “MMM. I’ll pay a $50 tip to see you in a black bra.”  She looked down and swallowed hard. She had a black bra under her AC/DC shirt. She quickly whipped it over her head. Took a photo and posted it. Within second,s her bank account emailed her. “$50.00 was deposited into your account.” 


She started to look at her screen when another message popped up.”You’re so sexy. Are your toes painted? If not, I’ll tip $20.00. If they are, I’ll tip another $50.00.”


She whipped off her socks. Her toes had a french pedicure. She whiffed them and dry heaved at the sweaty socks and tossed them to the floor. She snapped the photo of her toes and posted it. Another email. ”$50.00 deposited into your account.” She couldn’t believe it. A third message popped up. “$100.00 for your dirty girl socks.”


Email went off “100.00 deposited into your account,”


She looked at the floor where her socks landed . She sent him a message. “Where do I send it to?” 


He sent her the address and she created the package. She ran to the post office and mailed it out complete with a tracking number. Once back home, she sat at the computer and found new followers. The first customer sent her a message while she was out . “I bet you have your life together and wear matching panties with your sexy bra. How about $250 for a photo and the dirty panties?”


She looked down and pulled on her underwear. “Fuck,” she thought “Nude panties and holier than the Vatican.” She ran to her bedroom and looked in her drawers. She had pink, blue, whit , red… but no black. She looked around and under the bed. She was hurrying. She went through her dirty laundry. Grabbing the basket and throwing it upside down. She rummaged through and found a thong. It had  a bit of a white film dried to it from exertion. She put it on and took a selfie.


Email came through. “$250 was deposited into your account.” She posted the photo and sent him the tracking number. She created the new package with her dirty panties. She looked at the other messages.”$5.00 to see your smile, ” “$2.00 to see you flex your arms.” 


She took photos and posted each one. Emails came in. She left once again and mailed out the package. She looked at the address and it was in her town. On the other side of town. The name didn’t ring a bell. She took the tracking number and hit her favorite coffee shop. She got her double double and made her way home. Her phone ran. It was her ex. She didn’t want to talk to him. He sent her a text message. She looked down. 


“Hey, I hope you’re doing well. Just to let you know, your ex-brother-in-law is the one asking for the pictures. He showed me your pictures. I knew it was you based on the beauty mark next to your cleavage.”


She looked on horrified. She remembered his brother. Barely ever around. When he was, he was kind and somewhat sexy. She shrugged it off.


She typed in. “You went for the younger model, but I guess I’m keeping it in the family.” She sent it and took a sip. She hoped that when she got home there would be more messages.



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Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

Age : 30somethin’

Bust :36D

Hips :38


HEIGHT: 5’9″



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