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Cancelling Valentine’s Day

Courtesy of Stephanie Ferreira

Happy Anniversary, MuscleSport Mag. This time last year we launched my “Valentine’s Day Guide.” With 2021 though, looks like shit is cancelled. COVID definitely threw a wrench at our holiday plans, whether it was Halloween, Thanksgiving (both Canadian and American), Christmas and New Years. This year looks like it is starting from the beginning. Many have been asking ,”What Can I do?” I have to admit I was fucking surprised that majority of these questions came from friends. I set my ass to work. I will start off by saying there is no reason not to celebrate, as we have the ability to adapt to our situation. We’ve come this far. Fear not fuckers. We got this.


To the Fuckers that can’t Get together 


Socially distance, my ass. I know it’s frustrating. On Valentine’s Day, treat her or him to a bottle of wine. Make or order their favorite dish and have it delivered. Later that night, set up a Zoom date. Yes – a video call. This is a great idea for those that love sexting, teasing and you can’t forget the mutual masturbation.You can set it up as if you are watching a striptease or recreate a scene from a movie. Get those five fingers working. Just don’t be afraid to match lubes, and for the love of all things holy – make sure you mute the phone or block incoming calls; no one wants to get interupted.



The Night In – Come together Right Now


 There are still so many gift ideas you can still buy. Big box stores that are open have everything from foods to gifts and of course flowers. For food, if you don’t want to cook at home, order delivery or take out. After dinner, glasses of champagne, beer or whatever you like to drink. Put on a snuggle film. Or play romantic tunes. You can slow dance your way to the bedroom. You can never go wrong with those. Run a hot bath. Add flowers, rose petals, bubbly soap, milk or yourselves. (If you are doing a milk bath, be sure to rinse off quickly as it starts to curdle. Wash off with soap.) Taking a shower before hot sex is a great idea, especially with anal fans. Light some candles. 


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