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How Much Do You Know About The Super Bowl?

Infographics created by Betway

In all its glory, the exciting Super Bowl is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary sports and long-awaited events in North America. The hype that comes with this event circles around each year, making it a nationally treasured event.

Before we give you some exciting Super Bowl facts, here is a line-up suggested by Betway as the All Time Team. On offense, we have Tom Brady, Franki Harris, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Lynn Swann, Rob  Gronkowski. The defense has L.C. Greenwood, Charles Haley, Willie Davis, Justin Tuck, Jeff Siemon, Wally Hilgenberg, Cornelius Bennett,  Larry Brown, Darrien Gordon, Jake Scott, and Rodney Harrison.

Infographics created by Betway

With that info, let’s get this show on the road with fact number one.

It is one of the most-watched sports events

Sure, we all anticipate the Olympics and other football leagues, but nothing comes close to the numbers the Super Bowl registered. The Super Bowl has a track record of more than one hundred million fans watching it, which extends to the whole world, not just in the USA. The most-watched season was the 2010 season, which recorded 106.5 million viewership.

The Super Bowl gain a lot of revenue through the commercials

Since there are many eyes glued to screens for the Super Bowl, it is only logical that businesses take this opportunity to advertise and get noticed. Believe it or not, the thirty-second adverts bring an average of around $40 grand per advert each season, with the 2015 season taking the lead. That XLIX season saw a revenue build-up of an astonishing $4.5 million.

Individual players have played in several games

It is not unusual, but it is sure sporadic for a particular player to feature consecutively in more than a game. And this is because a player might not make it. Tom Brady has changed this narrative as he has been featured in nine Super Bowls since he started playing. With his remarkable track record, he is truly a force to reckon with.

The Super Bowl MVP gets paid by Disney to sponsor them

It is exciting to know that once you get a trophy as the most valued player, yet another incentive is added to the bounty, right? It must be fantastic for sure. On that note, the MVP of the Super Bowl gets endorsed by the multi-billion company Disney, and they take up the role as their official sponsor for that period until the next game. Joe Montana must have been a lucky lad as he got this title three times.

Take away

It is always lovely to watch something you understand for sure. And the facts stated above are to add to what you know of the Super Bowl. As such, as you watch this year’s game, you will have mastered an extra fact. And when the MVP player is mentioned, you will now know that they have also secured a deal with Disney.

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