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Massage Oil

I have to be honest – I was never one to enjoy massages. I always felt weird being in a room to be rubbed down by a complete stranger. In a weird way, I used to go running for a pedicure by my favorite nail technician. She would massage my feet and legs, finishing with some aloe vera cream. Yes, my feet and legs looked great afterwards. In November, I was in a car accident. Part of my healing includes physio, chiropractor and massage. While my registered massage therapist works wonders, I can’t help the feeling that once I leave, I’m a little fired up once I get home. The next day I’m on the sore side. What does this have to do with muscles, sex and relationships? Well, I’ll fucking tell you. EVERYTHING.


Think of how you feel after working out. You stretch before you do. You work out (or train) followed by a shower and sitting in the massage chairs. Think of hands rubbing your skin, relaxing you, soothing you and turning you on. 

Get the Oil 

Please for the love all fucking things holy – I don’t mean vegetable oil or extra virgin olive oil. That is for food like salad, not fucking. I mean essential oil like Coconut. Or if you are trying to watch your budget, baby oil that you can find at every fucking convenience, pharmacy and grocery store. (Like I said no excuse to not have this in your pleasure chest.)


Have your partner strip down. (You can roleplay this fucking great time to. ) Have them rest on their chest. Start with squirting some of that oil on their back and start massaging them. Work your way up to the neck, then back down. If they want you to strip them free of (their)underwear, do it. (If they want you to rip them off, word of advice – precut the underwear to avoid atomic wedgie.) If they don’t want oil on their underwear, remove with teeth.

After their underwear is removed, massage their glutes. Spend time massaging in a circular motion, bringing the glutes together, then away from each other. Move further down to the back of their thighs, down to their legs and finally their toes. Usually it feels like the pain goes out through the toes. Ask them to rest on their back. For you roman dicks, start with the head, massage the scalp, especially if your partner has headaches. Massage their forehead. Kissing gently, then make the way down to the sides of the neck, sidetracking to the arms. Once you do, go back to the chest.


Whether you are a male or female, massage the peck/breasts. Work down to the tummy. (Be careful around the stomach; if your partner is extremely relaxed they may exhaust.) Unless you are into that sort of thing. Work on the hips and waist. Then around the sexy parts. Women’s lower lips need to be massaged gently. For men, make sure you massage around the manscaped balls, around the shaft, and massaging the cock. Move down the thighs, legs and toes. Now it is your partner’s turn.


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