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Dallas Mavericks Disgusting Decision


Obviously looking to circumvent the National Basketball Association’s rule that all players must stand for the National Anthem, Mark Cuban has decided to skip the playing of the song altogether. This was, in a way, kept under wraps for the first 12 games (pre and regular season) played at the American Airlines Arena due to the fact that there were no fans in attendance due to the China virus restrictions. But for the first time on Monday, a small amount of fans were permitted into the facility and the game began without the playing of the Star Spangled Banner.

Outspoken team owner Mark Cuban told The Athletic that he made this decision and it will remain in effect throughout the remainder of the season.

Although the NBA rules state that the players cannot take a knee, it doesn’t address if the National Anthem must be played or not and a league spokesperson also told The Athletic that pregame functions are up to each respective team, including the playing or not of the song.

Cuban had stated over the summer that the league standing rule should be changed amongst all the Black Lives Matter issues and they obviously decided to not only turn a blind eye towards that, but become as woke as possible with this political football during the Orlando bubble return of last year’s interrupted season. So it’s doubtful that commissioner Adam Silver would have even noticed nor cared this season.

But Trump Derangement Syndrome king Cuban needs to be wokester royalty and is making an unprecedented decision for not only the NBA, but all organized sports regardless of the level. But in doing so, he is being disrespectful towards our nation, everyone who feels proud and patriotic to be an American, and those who are supporters of our police.

By omitting the Star Spangled Banner, Cuban is making perhaps more of a statement than Colin Kaepernick did with his kneeling protest. People in attendance – players, staff, stadium employees and the fans – had a decision to make and could have displayed disgusting behavior by not standing. But now, everyone present is being punished because Cuban wants to pander to the black community.

That’s what this comes down to and those who want to say anything different are either afraid to admit it or not paying attention close enough. It’s us versus them and you can fill in a number of groups’ names there. But it all boils down to race and the politics that come with those who go overboard trying to show that they are not “racist.”

Sports were supposed to be a break from politics, but have become the point man in trying to be as partisan as possible for one side and one side only.

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