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Valentine’s Day Bliss – A MuscleSport Dirty Low Down

Courtesy of Stephanie Ferreira

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of some experimental fun in the bedroom. Many have been asking for a fun update to try. Folks, this is where the fun truly starts. Our bodies are a canvas. If you are looking to make art in the act of some sexy fucking fun, look no further. Edible body paint is a must-have for those who really want to have fun – whether they want to pour it out, lick it up and slide.


I was messaged by a lifelong friend who usually pranks me. He usually calls me to “Seymore Butts” and we usually laugh at shit we did as kids. Yes, we always got into trouble. We got to talking and he asked, “Have you tried fucking body painting yet?” and to his surprise, I said “No.”. In my clubbing days, I saw many topless dancers with body paint, or drunk fans at sporting events. I was never really one to draw on or attempt to draw. Don’t fucking ask me to draw because I’m artistically impaired as I fuck up shit as easy as stick people. Body paint as a foreplay… now I have to admit he had me second guessing my past decision.



I got naked, opened finger paint that is red and began pouring it on my butt, thigh, down my leg and bottom. I attempted to drop it like it was hot, ended up sliding, missing part of the paper. The part of the paper felt like wax as I tried to remove it from my ass. To my husband’s horror, our bedroom looked more like a crime scene than an artful bedroom. Not to mention the smell of the finger paint was brutal and wasn’t as easy to remove. I scrubbed my ass down. I couldn’t tell if it was paint or my raw flesh.


Your local sex shop should have edible body paint. It can act as lube and massage oil. It comes in various flavors and colors. Start drawing on each other. Make it fun. If you make a mistake you can lick it off and start over.



SKIP THE PAPER – Save a Tree-Make a Lasting Impression


Get everything ready. Lay down towels on the floor for easy clean up. Place it on furniture or surfaces you don’t want to clean up after. Skip paper just in case you have people who like to rummage through or if you have people near who will make sure you are recycling correctly. Your best canvas other than each other is your bedsheets; I suggest plain white bedsheets. Wash them before use. Once you begin the foreplay or just getting down to the act of fucking, when your bodies start to fuse and merge, your bed sheet will have the markings of your bodies. Roll around to leave marks in different parts of the sheet. Need a break? Carefully remove it and add a new sheet or layer it. Think of a fitted sheet and cover sheet. Don’t forget the plain pillowcases. Let it dry. Just remember it’s slippery when wet. For any excess paint, you can eat it right off one another or wash it off.



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Statistics for Stephanie Ferreira

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