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Arm Yourself With the Best Watch

You took care of the biceps and triceps workout at the gym earlier this morning; 12 sets for each and the pump is still there somewhat. You also did firearms, so both guns are fully loaded, right?




Now that you have showered and dressed for work, don’t leave off the important things such as an attractive and affordable wrist watch. That’s right – a time piece that will lead to conversation about not only its attractiveness, but also the muscular arm it is being hosted by.


With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best men’s watches under $300 that you can sport that are comfortable, durable, professional and casual. A company such as Nordgreen offers exactly what you’re looking for. And the Danish company also provides free shipping all over the globe and returns if you’re not totally enamored with their line… but that’s not going to be the case.






A 42mm classic look watch, this model is a Danish design by Jakob Wagner, has interchangeable straps to make it more versatile to match your suit. It is also rain resistant and the glass is domed sapphire crystal. One of their best selling items.


Also available in black and navy blue dials, and black and navy leather straps.


The vegan leather models are $299 and the black rubber strap model is $269.


Prefer a mesh strap? They have you covered for $299. Or how about croc or patina leather? Yep, all available ($289), as is nylon ($269).






This model is 32mm and also one of Jakob Wagner’s inventions. Many choices of strap colors and it is also rain resistant. Black and navy dials are other options, as is the mesh ($199), rubber ($169), vegan ($199) patina ($199), and nylon ($169) straps. There is also a five-link style for $214.






Choose between the 36 or 40mm sizes with this very affordable, rain resistant sharp looking piece, which also comes with a black dial. Straps are also available in black, dark brown, navy blue, black croc, and patina gray leather.


The link band is also for this model with three ($244) and five ($249 and $244). Mesh is $239 and nylon $199.


So don’t overlook something as simple and quant as a Nordgreen; it isn’t every day that you can find quality watches under $300 with so many variations to choose from.

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