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Why do some casinos cheat players?

Courtesy of Elisa Nowack

“The house always wins”. Are you familiar with this statement when it comes to the gambling world? If you take this statement literally, you will believe that you cannot make any money in a casino. However, a casino will always have winners and losers.

The beauty of a casino is that it can be an equalizer at times. There are days where you will make huge sums of money from small bets. On other days, players lose after placing large sums of bets. But the big question is, do casinos cheat? We had a session with our expert Klara Czerwinska, whose profile you can find here, shared the following on how casino cheat players.

False advertising

Have you ever taken something on ‘offer’ in a store only to realize that it is charged more during checkout? That is what we call false advertising. It is very common with online casinos that present new and existing users with fake deals. For instance, a site may claim to offer a 100% welcome bonus for every sign-up.

The marketing department presents these fake deals through emails or even social media platforms to woe unsuspecting customers. However, the site never honours its parts of the bargain once the new user registers. Polish players can avoid such fake deals through checking reviews on a reputable platform such as kasyna internetowe.

Mail scam

“You have won 1,000 USD. Follow this link to claim your win”. How often have you ever come across such an email in your inbox? It happens all the time in the modern world, and the online casino industry is not an exception. They apply the same approach with false advertising, but in this case, they present ‘wins’ that do not exist. The email receiver will follow the link, but no one will follow up or honour the reward. It even gets worse when the player is encouraged to deposit a certain amount to unlock the win. It is one of the baits to increase sign-ups and traffic to the online platform.

Complicated withdrawal process

Some casinos will allow you to win as much as you can. You will thus accumulate a lot in your account, but hell will break loose when you want to withdraw. Depositing money will be swift, but you will be met with absurd demands the moment you hit the withdraw button. Demanding complicated identity verification is one of the ways that explains how casinos cheat.

But why wait until you want to withdraw to demand identity verification? Why didn’t they demand the same when you were making your first deposit or signing up? These are some of the questions that will always go unanswered. Such casinos want to frustrate your efforts and ensure that you spend everything you have in your account.

Fake software

Casino games such as slots use Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine winners and losers. Such games thus use mathematics to make money from you. The casino site owner buys software from gaming companies and then install it on the casino platform. Such an approach ensures that the casino owner does not manipulate the games’ outcome. However, some casino owners end up buying fake software that always favours the house. This means that the chances of hitting the jackpot in such a casino are very minimal.

Fake rules

You may be asking yourself a question such as, do casinos cheat at blackjack? It is a game that has the highest RTP of about 99.54%. However, you may find that a casino has a set of rules that do not apply in any territory. Such rules make it hard for you to accumulate funds or even withdraw what you have won. The rules are also created to increase the profitability of the casino platform. For instance, simple mistakes can cost you fines that will eat into your account balance. Novice players are the targets of such rules as well as tourists who are not familiar with how such platforms operate.

Above are some of the common approaches through which Polish casinos cheat their players. The only way that you can be sure that you are dealing with a genuine platform is through reviews. Take your time to analyze every platform and don’t forget to check their terms and conditions.

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