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Online Casino Cheats: Is There a Way?

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Run out of luck? Feel like all the dice are against you? Tired of hearing the word, ‘bust’?

As Danny Ocean famously said, ” Because the house always wins. Play long enough, you never change the stakes, the house takes you. Unless, when that perfect hand comes along, you bet big, and then you take the house”.

So how do you win? Cheat?

You wouldn’t be the first to turn to cheating and I can guarantee you will not be the last. 

Multiple accounts

Creating multiple accounts at is a form of cheating. Players can create fake details to take advantage of welcome bonuses. However, gamers rarely manage to accomplish this due to the tightened security and data protection regarding online casinos. Online casinos look at IP addresses so trying to fool them will likely be a waste of time.

If you do manage to break past the fortified wall of security then your chances of winning are greater. Lots of online casinos offer; registrations spins, welcome packages and doubling bonuses for new customers. They offer lots of great deals to attract NEW customers. These offers usually result in customers winning which retains customers and encourages them to spend more money. When this offer is abused, online casinos lose validity and trust in consumers, which is why their security is so high. So although creating multiple accounts could increase your luck temporarily, it is not a long term solution and you will not break the house in Vegas.

Cheat codes

If you are a die-hard gamer then you will have come across cheat codes before. I know my childhood was full of trying to find a Sims money cheat. The difference with cheating casinos though, is that you are cheating in order to earn money so it’s not as simple as tying, ‘motherlode’ into a space bar.

The scandal of Ronald Dale Harris knowing the source codes to countless slots has meant that trying to cheat code your way to a fortune is futile.

Software glitch

Countless amount of gamers have tried to legalise their way into winnings before. Blaming their misfortune on technical difficulties. The historical occurrences means that the chances of winning a jackpot by reporting a ‘software glitch’ are highly unlikely. Casinos usually win their legal cases and gamers rarely receive their proposed winnings. The amount of time and expense that online casinos invest in their games also means that software glitches are extremely rare.


The random number generator is a tool used by online casinos to ensure fair and equal playing. This tool makes it almost impossible for gamers to cheat. However, if you are a computer whiz or have an extensive knowledge about software programming then you may find a way to increase your chances of a win. The amount of learning and time this would take would be endless and the chances of being able to ‘cheat’ are still minute.

So in conclusion, there are a few ways to improve your probability of winning but I do not believe they are worth it. The best way to enjoy an online casino is to try your luck and to just enjoy it. Don’t make a fun online game a chore!

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