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An Insight into’s Commitment to Improving the China Logistics Industry

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The growth of the e-commerce industry is arguably one of the best things that has happened in the 21st century. The industry has seen millions of business people worldwide achieving their entrepreneurial goals by launching and growing some of the most competitive businesses in the world. Moreover, the e-commerce industry has seen many countries worldwide boosting their economy and promoting majority of their citizens to venture into the business world. In China, the e-commerce industry has promoted the country to curve a name and help as many businesses and companies operate globally. Over the years, the country has seen thousands of its companies leveraging the e-commerce channels to reach global customers. This can be reflected by taking a close insight into JD Logistics’ tenure within the e-commerce sector.


An insight into JD Logistics tenure within the e-commerce industry


With an excellent track record in leveraging e-commerce channels to serve its global customers, JD Logistics has constantly grown to rank among the best online selling companies in the world. The company has revitalized the industry and helped as many customers to enjoy excellent services irrespective of their geographical locations. This has resulted in continuous growth and improvement of its e-commerce platform, which currently ranks among the best and user friendly online platforms in the world. Moreover, JD Logistics’ effort for promoting the growth of the e-commerce industry has seen the company forming strategic partnerships with some of the best companies in the world, including EAPL. Recently, the company finalized a partnership deal with EAPL. The strategic partnership will allow EPAL’s pallets to be continuously distributed to partners all over China. This will be facilitated through JD Cloud Box channels that serve as logistics transaction platforms.


Undoubtedly, the partnership between EPAL and JD Logistics will go a long way in helping the two companies improve their online services. JD Logistics will maximize JD Cloud Box, a carefully customized logistics transaction platform, to provide a range of series, including leasing and repair services. Moreover, through JD Cloud Box, the company will promote EPAL’s pallets to access real-time information from millions of online transactions. This will go a long way in promoting pallet’s continuous growth and help to improve the manufacturing and data circulation efficiency levels.


What prompted JD Logistics to partner with EPAL but not any other company in the world? Well, the partnership between the two companies was based on the overall capabilities within each company. With over thirty years of experience within the China logistics industry, EPAL has unmatched reputation that has seen the company having the mandate to provide the highest quality load carriers. The company is responsible for providing licenses to deserving producers and repairers worldwide. To-date, it has over 1,500 legalized production and repair business operations in around 30 countries worldwide.


On the other hand, JD Logistics is one of the best performing online selling companies with over twenty five years of experience. The company has a great reputation in promoting the growth of the e-commerce industry. Through JD Cloud Box, the company is looking forward to promoting a sustainable supply of goods and services to customers. Its partnership with EAPL will catalyze the process and promote the growth of China logistics industry.

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