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4 Different Ways To Relax After Training

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The words ‘intensity’ and ‘focus’ are synonymous with bodybuilding and fitness training. Generally speaking, maximum effort and emphasis are placed on the daily workout routine and diet program, and for many who have their ‘eyes on the prize’, there is little room in daily life for anything else.

But there is another key aspect of a successful fitness training regimen, which is overlooked by the majority, and it may just be the key to gaining a competitive advantage.

That key aspect: Relaxation.


Your relaxation time is as important as your training!


Finding a balance is important. It is critical in both your diet and in a varied routine that develops each body part appropriately.

In the same way, relaxation time (or downtime) is also critical to balance, especially as training intensity increases. Relaxation time reduces the stress from high-intensity physical and mental focus and is vitally important for body repair and muscle growth.

So, here are a few relaxation ideas that will assist in resetting body and focus.


Visit an online casino


Being able to immerse yourself in an experience and draw your mind away from training is key. To do this, try a visit to one of the growing numbers of online casino gaming sites.


Spin casino is one of Canada’s highest-rated online casinos, and there is a broad selection of games to hold interest, regardless of skill level. As well as the more traditional table games like Roulette and Blackjack, the online casino also sports a wide variety of slot games. With great graphics and realism, it will draw and engage the mind. Another good example is mejores casinos online.


Listen to subliminal music


Clearing out the mind clutter, re-centering, and taking some deep breaths to get oxygen flowing through the brain and body should be at the heart of any relaxation program.

Listening to the right music in a peaceful space at home can achieve this, and picking subliminal music will add a further dimension. Put simply; subliminal music is relaxation music that has an embedded positive message which is read by the subconscious mind while the listener relaxes.

With plenty of free streaming music available online, the listener is spoiled for choice, and it’s possible to select music with the positive messages you wish to hear.


Sing at a karaoke bar


For those who feel they want to be a little more active in their leisure time, a trip to a local karaoke bar may be in order. Whether you can sing in tune like a superstar or not is immaterial – the important thing is getting up and absorbing yourself in the song and the lyrics.


When a person sings, the mind focuses on pitching the right note – the vocal cords actually respond to this mental signal by adjusting their shape to hit the right note.


As well as being a whole lot of fun, singing gives the mind a new focus and also resets the lungs and diaphragm as the singer breaths and vocalizes.


Get yourself a coloring-in book


Yes – coloring in is no longer just for kids! These days the importance of coloring pictures is a known creative relaxation method, and adult coloring books are readily available at shops.

The act of coloring a picture actually stimulates and relaxes the ‘fear center’ of the brain known as the amygdala. It acts in the same way as a quiet meditation session to reset the brain and produce deep relaxation.

Grab an inexpensive set of color pencils and a coloring book and zone out!

Relaxation is a vital part of any training regimen – find whatever works for you and start today!

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