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No-Hitters More Commonplace in the Last Decade

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It is one of the rarer feats in all of sports and is always special when it occurs, especially if it early in the season. So when Joe Musgrove threw the first no-hitter in San Diego Padres history on April 9, 2021, it gave it some extra special meaning for a myriad of reasons – the aforementioned first for the organization, Musgrove’s first in his career and only the third in April since 2010. Not only are the Padres rewriting history, they’re also with the top three favorites according to the latest World Series odds, listed here.

Let’s take that last point and expound on it. In Major League Baseball history, there are now 306 no-no’s going all the way back to 1876. The annual average was closer to two for over a century, but went up closer to three per season. In the 2020 60-game shortened campaign, there were two no-hitters.  And in the last full season played (2019), there were four.



So with Musgrove’s gem in the first 10 games of the new season, there’s a good bet that the average of no-hitters will be matched or eclipsed this summer.

Here are the year-by-year totals for no-hitters since 2010:

*2010 – six

*2011 – three

*2012 – seven

*2013 – three

*2014 – five

*2015 – seven

*2016 – one

*2017 – one

*2018 – three

*2019 – four

*2020 – two



There were eight thrown in 1884 for the most in a single season and seven in 1990 and 1991. So the trend has been going up and it will be interesting to keep an eye out if another pitcher can deal another in the first month of the current season.

In 2015, the first no-hitter was thrown in June and the last in October. Three years earlier, they spanned from April to September, but only one in the initial month.


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