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Venice Beach a Total Shit Hole Now

Twitter/Venice Beach Boardwalk

Picture this hypothetical situation: Cooperstown, New York is considered the birthplace of baseball and folklore or not, fans young and old have been making the pilgrimage to the quant small town in the Empire State for well over a century. Now imagine if Main Street had become a homeless encampment with rampart public drug use and violent felonies being committed one after another. That would be blasphemy, you may be thinking to yourself, for the National Pastime. But that is exactly the case in the place where bodybuilding became part of our lexicon.



Venice Beach in the late 1960s turned into a haven for bodybuilders worldwide, most prominently Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu. The Southern California hot spot had a number of nearby gyms such as the original Gold’s Gym and later World Gym. Muscle Beach also became a magnet for not only bodybuilders, but also the curious onlookers who hung around the outdoor ‘pen’ that housed all of the equipment and huge men and women who trained there.

The area had always attracted the esoteric type and Ocean Front Walk has always been a tourist destination, but those days are gone with the new element that has infested the ‘boardwalk.’ Tents line the border area between the sand and concrete and the transients occupying this shanty town are a bevy of drug users committing assault in broad daylight and straight through the night.

A video posted on Twitter is a microcosm of how far this area has fallen under the auspicious ‘leadership’ of Governor Gavin Newsome. The Golden State has become a haven for criminals and illegal aliens due to it being a sanctuary state and one that has adopted a no cash bail kid gloves system for its criminals.

Don’t take our word for it – watch the video yourself. It is self explanatory.






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