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Slots Superstitions in the UK

There are all kinds of gambling superstitions in the world these days, probably more than there has ever been before in fact, something largely down to the fact that there have never been this many gamblers trying their luck throughout the whole of human history. If this fact surprises you we only have to remind you of the colossal 21st century online casino industry, something that has made it possible for people to play their favourite casino gambling games such as Burning Desire slots without actually ever leaving their houses.  

Of course, it is hardly surprising that the number of gambling superstitions has risen alongside the number of gamblers in recent years, and one of the places where this is the most keenly felt is with slots. Oh yes, there are an almost infinite amount of slot superstitions in the UK especially these days, and whilst many of them are harmless, it is important to recognise what is fact, and what is superstition. Keep reading for some slots superstitions in the UK. 

Slots are rigged 

One of the most famous slots superstitions in the UK simply won’t go away, and it is the fact that slots are inherently rigged in favour of the casinos or developers. Now, we can see exactly why this superstition first started, because you can gamble on slots for hours at a time without winning anything, however this is more down to probability rather than something being rigged. 

You’re probably wondering how on Earth it’s possible to actually prove that slots aren’t rigged, however we have three words for you here – Random Number Generator. Random Number Generators are pieces of software that endlessly create a series of random numbers, and this is what slot developers use to keep their games fair.  

It is impossible to win big on slots 

Due to the fact that huge slot jackpots aren’t particularly common, it can be tempting to think that it is impossible to win big on slots, and that any of the high profile slot winners like Jon Heywood are just lying. 

Well, here’s the thing: it definitely isn’t impossible to win big on slots, you just have to be very careful about how you play. For example, playing a low volatility slot certainly won’t make you win big, but if you try your luck on a progressive jackpot slot you could find that you stumble upon that hallowed big-time slot jackpot. 

There is no way to increase your chances of winning on slots 

How many times have you heard this one from so-called slot professionals? Gamblers love to say that there is no way to increase your chances of winning on slots, however this simply isn’t true at all. It can seem that way if you aren’t being clever about your slot gambling session, however there are a number of things that can ultimately increase your chances. 

Choosing a slot with a high RTP rating is one of the easiest ways to give yourself the best chance of a win, for instance.

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