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6 Effective Strength Exercises for Archery

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Learning how to perform strength exercises for archery effectively will make you a better archer and improve your overall health and physique.


A good archer needs alert and mobile muscles. An Archer must be able to move at a moment’s notice.


The best archers are strong enough to pull back their bows and hold them long enough to make a shot, with some bows having extreme draw weights.


Hence, it would be best if you did exercises that increase your strength and endurance.


However, first, it is helpful to understand strictly what muscles are used.


What Muscles Are Used?


Various primary and stabilizing muscles are used when practicing archery.


The main muscles, as mentioned by BowAddicted, include:




Deltoids are used for holding the bow and drawing the string.


The infraspinatus muscle is primarily used to draw the string back in anticipation of the release.




The pectorals are used for holding the string in place to aim effectively.




The Latissimus Dorsi is also used for drawing back the string in a similar fashion to the shoulders.


However, most of the holding power comes from the posterior muscles.


The Trapezius, Teres Major/Minor, and Rhomboids are all used to stabilize the drawing of the string.




Biceps are also involved in drawing back the string.


Triceps are involved in holding the string once it has been drawn back.


Main Strength Exercises Used to Improve Your Archery

You should make sure to warm up correctly before attempting any form of exercise.


Dumbbell Shrug


A Dumbbell shrug, also known as a trap shrug or shrugs, is an exercise for the upper back’s trapezius muscle.


It primarily targets the middle region of the trapezius while also involving the lower portion. It is a compound exercise and is generally only used by bodybuilders to build aesthetic muscle.


However, because this is a type of exercise that targets the upper back, it is used as part of a routine that targets the shoulders and strengthens them for archery.


This can be useful for those who want to improve their athletic performance or are involved in weightlifting or similar activities.


Bench Dips


A Bench Dip is a variation of the bench press.


While the bench press is usually performed with a barbell, it can also be performed with dumbbells or even a smith machine.


You can perform the dip with any of these implements, as well as with a dip station.


The dip targets the pectoral muscles used for drawing the string.


A bench dip is a form of exercise for the triceps and chest, making it an effective tool for building upper body strength and tone.


Push-Ups, (All Variations)


These are fantastic bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere.


Place your palms shoulder-width apart facing down on the floor.


Slowly lower your upper body toward the floor while keeping your elbows close to your sides.


Pause, and then push up.


A common mistake is to let the elbows point outward, causing the upper arms to swing back and forth, which wastes energy and doesn’t work as many muscles.


Wide Hands Variation


It targets the pectoral muscles, with an emphasis on the upper body and core.


Try doing a push-up with your arms more out to each side at a distance of approximately 2.5 to 3 feet (the farther apart, the harder it is to complete this exercise).


Throughout the movement, your elbows need to trackback.


Triangle or Diamond


It strengthens the shoulders, core, and triceps with a more specific focus on the triceps.


With your fingers together, your hands should be at a 45-degree angle toward your forearms to form a triangle.


Bend your elbows and lower your chest toward the triangle, keeping your elbows tight to your body.




Works the shoulders and upper body explicitly.


In a downward dog yoga position, your feet and hands should be between shoulder width, so you are making a U shape.


Maintain the inverted V position while keeping your hips high, heels down, and slowly bend your elbows while lowering your head to the floor between your hands.


One repetition of the movement involves reversing the action at the starting position.


Archer Push-Up


It involves applying a more significant percentage of body weight to one arm while the opposing arm assists.


Hold your hands wide with about 45 degrees angled outward.


You should lower yourself to one side so that your shoulders come down to your hands while your other arm fully extends.


Remember to maintain your feet wide while returning to the starting position, reverse the motion, and repeat on the opposite side.


One-armed Dumbbell Lateral Raise


Among all the archery exercises, this one may be the simplest.


Standing shoulder-width apart with your feet shoulder-width apart, grab your dumbbell and stand ready.


Then, lift your other arm at a ninety-degree angle while supporting your weightlifting arm.


Don’t stop working your muscles when you’re lowering the weight.


Bench Dip


The bench dip is an exercise performed while sitting in a chair or using an object like a park bench that consists of briefly dipping your body downwards toward the floor and then pushing yourself back up again.


It focuses on the triceps, which are your posterior upper arm muscles.


This exercise, also sometimes referred to as a triceps dip, involves using the strength in your arms to push yourself up off the floor and hold that position.


The bench dip is often done in a gym setting, but you can perform it at home or work.




Planks are an old-school back strengthening exercise that is done on your elbows and toes.


The idea is to hold this position as long as possible.


What a plank exercise does is it strengthens the core and upper body and makes your back stronger.


You will find that if you do a plank exercise regularly, you will have a much stronger back, and you will be able to do more pull-ups and other physical activities.


Why Is Strength Training Important For Archers?


Most archers spend far more time practicing and honing their technique than they do exercising.


Yet, any experienced archer knows that muscular strength and endurance can directly impact many aspects of their game.


It’s not just about being able to draw faster or shoot more arrows. Some of the essential improvements in your archery can come from increasing your overall strength.


Essentially strength training helps you build muscle, which gives you more strength and endurance for shooting a bow.


Most people don’t realize that even if you’re doing a sport like archery that doesn’t seem like a weightlifting kind of sport, strength training is necessary to make sure your muscles are strong enough to help you do that sport well.


Can Yoga Be Used In Addition To Strength Training?


Yoga is a form of exercise that involves intense stretching, breathing exercises, and meditation. It has long been known for its ability to increase balance, flexibility, and overall physical strength.


However, recent studies have shown that it is also a practical addition to any other physical activity form.


It can be used in conjunction with any form of strength training and has been found to increase overall strength and improve body composition.


However, one must note that yoga does not provide the same amount of physical stress as other exercise types.




Strength training for archery can be a great way to improve your form, precision, and overall bow control.


Despite being a fundamental part of archery, many people are not aware of effectively incorporating strength training into their archery routine.

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