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Gregg Valentino – Military Pussification / Immigrants Will Turn On Biden / White Privilege is BS

Have you noticed that during everything going on in this country from COVID to immigration and all this other BULLSHIT, the so-called people who hate us the most – the extremist that are terrorists – haven’t done anything to us, which would probably shut this whole country down. It’s because they are watching us implode on our own and it’s amusing them to no extreme, they don’t have to lift a finger and we are crumbling like the Roman Empire but 100 times faster. Our enemies will just sit and wait till there’s nothing left and then they will scavenge what ever is left. Once again in this video it’s Valentino being Valentino. You’ve Been WARNED! “Game Face Supplements Presents Gregg Valentino Talkin’ Smack” – Snowflakes need not apply.​​​


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