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Covering Bodybuilding Comes Natural to Me

By Nick Miller – What’s going on you guys, Nick here with Nick’s Strength and Power…Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I would be remiss if I didn’t start off this column the same way I start my videos. I’m honored that Joe asked me to write this column and even more honored that you are reading it. I hope it can provide you with some entertainment and insight.


Let me start by introducing myself for those of you who don’t know who I am. I run a YouTube channel called Nick’s Strength and Power which focuses primarily on interesting stories and the history of bodybuilding. I also cover current professional bodybuilding shows and give my opinions, analysis, and predictions. Currently, I have over 200,000 subscribers, making my channel one of the largest bodybuilding commentary channels on YouTube. I started the channel with natural bodybuilding videos; I’m a lifetime natural bodybuilder and that’s what I built the foundation of my channel upon. I’ve also competed in powerlifting and managed to break and set eight new state records in two different states.



My interest in bodybuilding began with my dad, who was a bodybuilder himself in the 1980s. He also introduced me to the world of current professional bodybuilding by taking me to my first Arnold Classic when I was 16. I was hooked and have been back every year for the past eight years. Because of my dad, I’ve always been fascinated by the old-school bodybuilders and classic physiques like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbu, Sergio Oliva, etc. So I began to base more of my videos around the subject of classic bodybuilding and that became a very popular theme for them.


Surprisingly enough, I never expected my YouTube channel to become as big as it has. I went to college and earned my bachelor’s degree in Health Science, fully intending to work in some sort of health profession. But about three months before I graduated college, my channel underwent a period of extreme growth; one month I gained over 40,000 subscribers. And at that point I decided maybe I should invest more of my time into trying to grow my channel and less time pursuing a career with my degree. Thus far, YouTube has provided a very fulfilling outlet for me to talk about something I’m passionate about and encourage other bodybuilding fans to discuss ‘The Iron Game’ on my channel.



I’m sure you’re used to some more extreme subjects from some other columnists here talking about drugs or other edgy elements of bodybuilding, but I try to keep all my content relatively mild and entertaining. I just stick to facts and interesting stories.


So, what is my goal with this column? Each issue, I plan on discussing some old bodybuilding stories or even some current ones if they are interesting enough. I’ll also be giving my opinions on them, hopefully entertaining and enlightening some of you about a piece of bodybuilding history you may not have been familiar with. But for my first column, I thought it would be pertinent to introduce myself first and give you guys some background on who I am and what I’m all about.



If you want to learn more about me or watch some of my videos please go and subscribe to Nick’s Strength and Power on YouTube and check out some of my content. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for columns, please email me at I’m very excited for this opportunity to expand my brand into print media and I hope you guys enjoy reading my column…Nick’s Strength and Power, signing out!

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