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Female Bodybuilding, Webcam, Sessions and a Relationship – It Can Be Done

By Crystal “Wildfyre” Anthony – One of the questions I’m asked often is, “Are you married or do you have a boyfriend?”.  When I answer with “Yes, I am married,” that usually ends up with the next question being “Oh, my God! Does he know you do this (webcam, muscle worship sessions, posing, etc.)?”. Here’s my answer – of course he knows I do this! I’m not hiding in a secret room somewhere doing my webcam. I don’t travel to cities for days at a time for a session trip and say, “Honey, I’m going to Chicago for a few days for a shopping trip.” He knows what I do and before you ask – yes, he is okay with it. How is that possible? Let me tell you.


My husband and I consider ourselves normal, happy adults and are happily married. We also realize that sex and love are two totally separate ideas. Now before I go any farther, let me clarify that I do NOT have sex in my sessions. But what I do in sessions and on webcam is very sexual in nature. My husband knows I’m not going to be running off into the sunset with a session/webcam guy. Just like I know he can look at pictures of Coco all day long and think about everything he wants to do to her and I know if she showed up at our door tomorrow, he wouldn’t run off with her either. We trust each other. It’s basic, it’s simple and it’s something many people either don’t have or don’t understand.



Let’s look at a few examples of what I do and how my husband handles it. I get ready for webcam. I make sure my hair looks nice, put on some make up and make sure I’m wearing something I think my audience will like. I tell him I’m getting ready to log on and most times he compliments me on how I look (always a bonus). I’ll go into my room and log into webcam for a while. When I come out to take a break, he usually asks me how it’s going, is it busy/slow and if I’m making any money. He doesn’t ask exactly what I was doing and who was watching. He doesn’t care if some guy paid to see my boobs or for me to flex my arms because he knows I’m working-I’m doing my job. Now that doesn’t mean I hate what I do-if I did, I wouldn’t do it. But it is a job. I’m not doing this to find a man/husband/boyfriend. The same goes with my sessions. I go on my trips and he and I keep in contact constantly while I’m gone. But he isn’t asking who came to see me and what did the guy want me to do. He asks if the guy was polite and if it was an easy or hard session. He doesn’t need the details. He isn’t running on jealousy, wondering if some guy might do something better than him and I’ll run off with the guy (won’t happen guys, sorry). He’s SECURE. That’s the secret.


So, what would my husband say if you asked him how he handles all of this? He’d probably chuckle and say “I’m not worried, why would she leave this?”. Just kidding (ok maybe not, he might actually say that). But really, he would tell you it doesn’t bother him. He loves watching porn (shhhh, don’t tell him I told you all that). Actually, most people watch porn (don’t even try to lie, you know you do!). But none of you are running away with the people you like to look at naked. And I bet you wouldn’t even if you met them in person. And my husband knows that, he knows I’m not going anywhere.



So why it is ok to watch people being naked, but it’s not ok for those people to be doing what they are doing? Too many people still think of nudity and sex as ‘dirty’ and feel guilty if they enjoy looking at something sexual.


I understand that webcam and sessions aren’t for everybody and won’t work with every relationship. So many people are not that trusting and secure with themselves and their relationship enough to not let jealousy run amuck. But it can be done. We’ve been together for about 9 years and I’ve been doing sessions/webcam for about 6 years. We’re still going strong and if you check on us in another 9 years, I guarantee nothing will have changed.



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