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Reviewing the Hot and Flirty Dating Site


If you are someone who loves to meet new people on dating sites, it is possible that you may have heard about hot and flirty dating site. It is a popular dating site that most people log on to find new intimate acquaintances. However, there is something about this site that has continued to generate discussions in different quarters and this is the fraud of the website.

Most people may choose to see it as a trick but the fact that most users do not find it convenient makes it a subject of different reviews. The question on the lips of most prospective users of this site is usually this; is hotandflirty a scam or is it legit? We have therefore set out to explain some things to help you decide.

Why do Most Users View as a Dating Scam?

Most people feel there are too many irregularities on this website. There are some features that have raised concern among users and we have discussed them below:

Paid SMS Chat

One of the features that users find problematic is the paid SMS feature. Usually, chatting with someone through SMS shouldn’t attract any additional costs because it provides a platform for one to initiate a conversation. Through this medium, you can start up a y conversation as well as organize a meeting to get intimate.

Having to pay for a feature that should ordinarily be free of charge can get one pissed off and there is also a risk of giving your phone number to dubious companies. You can find the notice about this package boldly written on their website with an emphasis on the non-availability of the SMS feature on the normal subscription package.

There is also a warning note for customers who may wish to request reversal or chargeback. This request will lead to the termination of a user’s account, according to their statement.

If you are not comfortable with unnecessary popups on your mobile phone, you can check here for prevention tips.

Fake Trial Version

Now here’s an interesting side to this expose. Among the available subscription packages, you are allowed to get the trial version upon payment of a few dollars. The essence of the trial version is to allow newbies on dating sites like Grindr to have a feel of what they will get upon full subscription. However, this cannot be said about as they cancel your time within three days.

Furthermore, you also get to be charged automatically for the first four weeks because you cannot cancel the trial version on time. According to a statement on their website, all paid subscriptions will be automatically renewed for the specific price and period that you have signed up for. Cancellation of auto-renewal is also possible but this has to be at least 72 hours before your next renewal date.

Duplication of Profiles on Copied Websites is a creation of Timespace Holdings Limited and it is suspected that they have affiliations with Festivus Media and Bulova network as they have a lot in common. This company also creates more websites where they photocopy your profile and also charge for membership on these separate websites.

According to a statement on their website, they outlined that they are offering a wide range of services to users, and to achieve that, they will share your details across sites.

Computer-Generated Messages

In a bid to boost user contact and communication, sends activity alerts. These are electronic messages disseminated by software and they are entirely unrelated to getting intimate with someone. These messages have nothing to do with reality and tend to provoke users.

To explain this, a statement on their website outlines that they will occasionally use pop-up notifications and other channels to disseminate activity alerts to users. Although users can unsubscribe from these notifications, it is completely uncalled for in the first instance.

Price tag

For a trial period that lasts for three days, you will pay $4.47 while a monthly subscription is fixed at $34.99. Additionally, a three-month subscription goes for $59.96 and $95.94 for six months subscription.

These are some of the features that have raised concerns among users of this dating site. If you are a frequent user of dating sites and you are searching for tips to improve your game, you can check below.

How to Be Better at Online Dating

Are you looking to improve your online dating game, the following tips will come in handy:

Pick the Right Application or Website

Always research an application or website before signing up. For instance, some sites are known for hookup while others are built to connect users based on interests such as religion, hobbies, or other attributes.

It is recommended that you use applications based on your preferences.

Be Honest

People feel more comfortable around people that share similar traits with them. If you want to build a relationship, you need to be honest and also make the next person feel free to relate with you. While being honest, avoid the disclosure of sensitive information that may be used to access your privacy or finance.

Use Your Best Photo

The photos you use should represent your physical appearance in the best way. Since your progress on online dating sites is purely based on the images one puts forward, you need to improve your likeability with a good picture.

Use a Nice Bio

Your bio should capture your personality without being too long and boring. Outline things that are important and avoid appearing proud.

Keep Conversations Real

Avoid generic conversations that can be seen anywhere. Be original and creative especially when you intend to advance talks with the person. This way, they will be more comfortable with you knowing that they are not chatting with a robot.

You can also find some helpful tips on how to keep a conversation going here:

In this article, we have reviewed the activities of a popular dating site – We have also discussed some tips to help you have a successful outing on dating sites.


We cannot categorically say that or any other product made by Timespace Holdings Ltd can be trusted or otherwise. However, you need to be more careful when using any of their products. The pleasant and sexy design isn’t enough justification for you to let your guard down.

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