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Stop the Bullshit Bodybuilding Nutrition Articles

By Bostin Loyd – Growing up in this industry with both my parents being bodybuilders, I’ve always read a lot of articles either in the magazines or later online. It goes without saying that there is and always was a ton of bullshit being spewed.


Some people being quotes in the various articles try and say that they have reached the level they have by eating chicken and rice six times a day. Obviously, drugs are a big reason for bodybuilding reaching the enormous sizes they have, but they will not get anywhere without genetics and the proper nutrition.


It’s very rare to read an article when someone actually speaks the truth. Ninety nine percent of the time, there is some nonsense made up sample diet that focuses on protein and carbs while no one talks about how crucial healthy fats such as oils, nuts, whole eggs and avocados are. The result is that the younger people reading these pieces who are trying to grow optimally without putting much body fat on get lost in the dust. When carb consumption is too high and you’re not using them for energy, they get stored as fat. Instead, these kids should be focusing on adding muscle-building calories to their diet, using clean fat sources to fuel the body; fats are essential and carbohydrates are not.



So, if you are an up and comer trying to add lean muscle mass while keeping fat gain to a minimum, focus on adding one serving of healthy fats per meal and lowering carbohydrate consumption. A serving of healthy fat is one ounce of nuts, half an avocado, one tablespoon of macadamia nut oil or four whole eggs. Have at least four-to-five servings a day, cut back on the crazy carb consumption and watch your body change in the mirror for the better.



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